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Adventure Lifestyle Photographer

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Photos By Cameron Gardner


Cameron Gardner

Good Company

Cameron Gardner is an Adventure Lifestyle Photographer from Southern California who recently took our Baxter Convertible Duffle on one of his most recent adventures. Cameron's photos are enveloped by the warmth of light – as his compatriots scurry over rocks, balance between gorges, and bask next to the campfire.

How did you get started in photography? I grew up shooting disposable cameras as a kid. I got more into photography in high school photographing friends and music.

What is one trip you found memorable? Every trip is memorable in it’s own way, but definitely highlining in Yosemite last year was amazing.

What keeps you inspired? Lots of things! A great song, good company, amazing food, other artist works, road trips and much more!

What's been your favorite thing to photograph? I really enjoy photographing people, especially in the outdoors. I’ve found I like to show how grand a certain place is by having a person in the photo for reference. We are so small compared to the places that we explore.

How long have you been climbing for? I’ve only been climbing for about a year, been really enjoying it so far.



Rock Climbing


Night Sky

"We are so small compared to the places that we explore."

Highlining looks would you describe the experience to someone who has never done it before? It is incredible! It’s really hard to explain the feeling perfectly. At first I usually feel confident before getting on the line but know that I am nervous regardless. I really enjoy just sitting on a highline and taking it all in before trying to walk. While walking you sorta feel like you are floating in space, but the best feeling of all is when you step off a highline back onto solid ground. I get this rush of accomplishment and stoke, I look back from where I walked from and usually can’t believe that I actually did that.


Where have you traveled with the Baxter and how has it been? I’ve taken the Baxter on a recent climbing trip to Holcomb Valley and to Utah! I’m loving it so far, I can fit my clothes, camping gear, some camera equipment and more with some room to spare.

What are some of your camp essentials? Daypack, an axe for chopping wood, mug for tea, knife to prepare food, good company.

Holcomb Valley and Utah


What's in store for the future? Definitely new adventures, hopefully the rest is just a surprise.

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