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The Woodworker

Inside Adventure Bound

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FILMED BY Kelly Smith
WRITTEN BY Brianna Nieman


Brian Christopher, Woodworker

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Woodworker Brian Christopher explains his "long and dusty" process of spoonmaking and cutting boards out in the Pennsylvanian woods. "Hiking the Appalachian Trail after college was a huge part of my life, and it still is. And it's something I think about everyday and it affects decisions I make everyday. Living in a city, and wanting to reconnect with nature, this is a way of doing that."

Rustic Spoons and Boards
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Walking with Brian Christopher through the woods is an experience. He stops every so often to pick up a fallen branch to smell it. He points out nuances in the trees you wouldn't have seen before. Such as burls, the large wart-like growths on trees that woodworkers prize because of the beautiful grain that hides within. We walk to a stream towards the back of the thicket, and naturally, he tests the strength of a nearby tree by swinging on it as Kelly Smith, scouts out the location. He speaks about fishing the stream as a kid and catching a fish in the morning and having it for dinner. At this point, I sputter and tell him to stop joking. "I'm not! The fish are good from this stream!" he exclaims.

When we come back to his workshop, we notice a cluster of purple wildflowers sitting in the corner. "Where did these come from?" Kelly asks. "Oh, I found them this morning when I went for a walk. I really like flowers. Figured they'd look nice for the video." Brian has given us a new appreciation for the quiet realm of the woods, and that he truly belongs to it.

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Salt Spoon and Coffee Scoop
Pomegranate and Board

Each piece is handcrafted and in limited quantities as each piece takes from one to three hours to complete. Brian has created his pieces embodying the Japanese precept of wabi-sabi or seeing beauty in the imperfect. Therefore, each piece is unique and different from the rest. They are made to be used on a daily basis, finished with olive oil.

Large Walnut Spoon 1
Large Walnut Spoon 2
Large Walnut Spoon 3
Walnut Salt Spoon
Large Walnut Spoon 01
Large Walnut Spoon 02
Large Walnut Spoon 03
Walnut Salt Spoon


Large Sycamore Board
Small Sycamore Board
Coffee Scoop 1
Coffee Scoop 2
Large Sycamore Board
Small Sycamore Board
Coffee Scoop 01
Coffee Scoop 02


Pomegranate and Board

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