Quantcast 96th Street in Stone Harbor, NJ - United By Blue

ate: July 14, 2012

Location: 96th Street,  Stone Harbor, NJ

Haul: 29.5 lbs

Even though Stone  Harbor’s beaches are raked daily, our volunteers managed to collect 31.5 pounds of trash from the 96 th  Street Beach. Volunteers collected plastic bottles, cigarette butts,  plastic bags, ribbons, and food wrappers, all of which appeared to be a tasty snack for area birds. Our weird trash included a Sid action figure from Ice Age, a clump of fallen balloons, a sparkler, and a bike lock.

This cleanup was our Third Annual  Beach Cleanup we’ve hosted with  Global Pursuit, located at 262 96th Street in Stone Harbor. They sell the hottest trends in beachwear to locals and tourists.  Between the personal atmosphere and the knowledge that you’re supporting a worthy cause,  Global Pursuit offers more than one excuse for a  shopping trip.

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