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Kittanning | Pennsylvania

December 9 & 10, 2016

564,460 lbs.

In an effort to hit our lofty goal of removing a pound of trash from an ocean or waterway for every product sold, we scouted illegal dumpsites where we could make a major dent. Keep PA Beautiful helped us find a property in Kittanning, PA that was home to the largest tire pile we’ve seen yet and a family who’s attempted to remove them for over a decade. Since the tires were dumped over 15 years ago (when the property was under different ownership), they’ve completely covered Adams Creek, a water source that feeds into the Allegheny River.

With the help of some seriously hard-working volunteers, we stacked an estimated 9,600 tires into trailers and sent them off to a recycling center to be repurposed into playgrounds, tracks, and roads.

Special thanks to Keep PA Beautiful for their logistical support, and the following individuals for their time and materials to make this cleanup possible:

  • Bradigan’s Inc.  Petroleum Division

  • John McLaughlin - McLaughlin Family Enterprises.

  • PJ Greco - Tarrtown location

  • John Lasher

  • George Kolesar

  • Cleveland Brothers – Catapillar

  • Jim Barker

  • Andy McKinley, Valley Twp supervisor


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