Quantcast Beach Street Waterfront Cleanup - United By Blue

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Philadelphia | Pennsylvania

July 15, 2017

8,940 lbs. 


121 volunteers joined United by Blue on July 15th for a cleanup of the Delaware River along Beach St. Waterfront in the Olde Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. Before the cleanup, Conrad Benner of Streets Dept. spoke to the volunteers about street art in Philadelphia, and its importance to the community. Inspired to beautify their neighborhood, volunteers took to the shoreline, trash grabber in hand. From old construction materials, to short-dumped household trash, to washed up debris, we were able to pick up 8,940 lbs of trash. Among the piles, some strange objects turned up including 38 tires, part of a model airplane, a trophy, an old leather suitcase, and a vacuum! After the cleanup, volunteers were rewarded for their hard work with sweet treats from Little Baby's Ice Cream!







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