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Brooklyn | New York 

June 2, 2018

1,033 lbs.

On June 2nd, 2018,  United By Blue , the National Park Service , Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy , and the Natural Areas Conservancy  joined forces for a cleanup of Canarsie Pier, part of Jamaica Bay! The cleanup was part of each organization's celebration of upcoming World Oceans Day, where we remember the ways that the ocean benefits us and learn about ways we can protect it. 36 volunteers joined us in this celebration, removing trash, debris, and harmful plastics that would have otherwise flowed into the ocean. By the end of the morning, the team had removed 1,033 lbs. of trash from Jamaica Bay's shoreline and waters! Volunteers found plenty of single-use plastics as well as some unexpected items; a baby doll, a traffic light, and a watermelon all brought in some confused laughs for our Weird Trash competition. All in all, volunteers and organizers spent a great morning beach-cleaning and enjoying the outdoor recreation space Jamaica Bay has to offer. 

United By Blue thanks its partners and volunteers for a wonderful cleanup, as well as   Zipcar  for its transportation to our cleanups. 




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