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Date: July 16th, 2011

Location: Lake Needwood Park

Haul:380 lbs

On July 16th, Hudson Trail Outfitters and UBB staff along with community volunteers removed almost 400 pounds of trash from Lake Needwood! 

Learn more about the exciting day here:
http://unitedbyblue.com/ cleanup/ ubb-and-hudson-trail-outfit ters-removed-380-pounds-la ke-needwood


Our Weird Trash Collection:

Meat drawer (we don't know where the rest of the fridge is)

Four small metal trash cans

Rubber cement container

Dog tag for a dog named Swisher

Steering wheel cover


Toy gun

Bud can from the 1970s

Jet ski part

Bib numbers,

Animal skull



Trash Tallies:
Plastic Bottle Count - 238
Glass Bottle Count - 70
Aluminum Can Count - 235

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