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New York | New York

April 8, 2017

388.5 lbs. 



Located in Upper Manhattan, Randall's Island is surrounded by three major New York City waterways -- the Harlem River to the West, the East River to the East and the Bronx Kill to the North.  In the spring and summer months the island is buzzing with locals and tourist alike, participating various recreational activities, outdoor educational opportunities and sports or community events. Randall's Island is also known for it's diversity of habitat and wildlife, drawing all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts.

On April 8th, United By Blue, REI and the Randall's Island Park Alliance were joined by 123 volunteers to cleanup the south shore of Randall's Island. With views of the Robert Kennedy Bridge and the Harlem skyline, volunteers were able to pick up 388.5 lbs of trash including large chunks of styrofoam, an old grill, a steering wheel, and even a message in a bottle! 
A special thanks to all of our partners:   REI, Randall's Island Park Alliance, Zipcar and Clif Bar.





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