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Spa creek in annapolis, md

Spa creek in annapolis, md

Dec 20, 2016

Date: June 8th, 2012

Location: Truxtun Park, Annapolis, MD

Haul: 261 lbs

When we first arrived at Truxtun Park in Annapolis, everyone noticed the same thing-this beautiful park was pretty darn clean. 

During our Sperry Top-Sider World Oceans Day cleanup, 25 volunteers worked their ways throughout the trails leading up to Spa Creek and pulled out 261 pounds of trash. After the cleanup, UBB crew and volunteers headed to Sperry Top-Sider’sdowntown store (36 Market Space) for a World Oceans Day Happy Hour.

Our Weird Trash Collection:
A rug
A cup (not the drinking kind)
One crutch
A googly eye
A Bicentennial Celebration Pepsi can from 1997
Trash Tallies:
Plastic Bottle Count-108 
Aluminum Can Count-146 
Glass Bottle Count- 62
We Would Like to Thank:
Our volunteers
The Annapolis Parks and Recreation Department
Buddy's Crabs and Ribs
Fordham Brewery