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15 ways to help the waves this world oceans day

15 ways to help the waves this world oceans day

Jun 6, 2018

15 Ways to Help the Waves
this World Oceans Day

Here’s a fun game to play tomorrow morning: count every piece of plastic you use from the moment you roll out of bed to the second you slide back under the covers. Spoiler alert: you might lose tally after pouring your second cup of coffee. Plastics pervade every aspect of life, from our phone cases to our shower curtains, and their impact only grows once we toss them (see how the numbers stack up here). Luckily, there are a ton of ways to reduce your plastic footprint without doing a total life overhaul. Here, 15 simple ways to limit the amount of plastic you use on the daily, just in time for World Oceans Day.


Catch It Before The Waves Do:

Prevent waterway pollution from flowing into the ocean and join a UBB cleanup near you (or host your own!).


Get A Reusable Water Bottle:

Use it for everything (getting your daily 8 glasses, refills at the kombucha bar, pouring out some water for your trail pup). See our favorites here.


Bring Your Own Bag:

Tote a reusable bag everywhere so you never have to be caught carrying a plastic shopping bag of shame.


Go Green At The Beach:

Pick up more than seashells on your next beach stroll and grab any plastic litter you come across.


Ditch Plastic Straws:

Sip without ‘em or invest in a reusable set that will make your friends jealous.


Make Every Meal Green:

Bring your own to-go containers next time you go out to eat so you never have to end a meal with dreaded plastic (or worse, styrofoam) boxes.


Cut Out Plastic Cutlery:

When ordering takeout, let the restaurant know you won’t need disposable utensils.


Brush Better:

Swap out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo alternative (looks way cooler by your sink, just saying).


Be Picky About Packaging:

Always choose the product with the least amount of packaging. Good things come in very little packaging: fresh bread, produce, wheels of cheese.


Switch Up Your Suds:

Trade in your plastic bottle of body wash for a bar of soap.


Upgrade Your Caffeine Fix:

Banish single-use coffee pods from your life. You’ll get better flavor and limit waste with a good ol’ fashioned french press or pour-over coffee maker.


Bulk Up:

Buy from the bulk section of your local grocery store to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging.


Learn To Compost:

The more you compost, the less trash you’ll have to stash in plastic garbage bags.


Skip The Receipt:

Always go for an electronic receipt or forgo it all together (many are topped with a thin plastic coating).


Rethink Your Cookware:

Many pots and pans are coated in plastic for its non-stick capabilities.
Get a tried-and-true cast iron skillet instead.

There you have it. 15 ways to break up with plastic and help keep our oceans a little cleaner.

Get a jump on ditching that disposable drinkware with our limited edition World Oceans Day water bottle (check it out here) and view our cleanups calendar to join us for a few hours of picking up those pesky plastics at a waterway near you!

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