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23 ways we stay green wherever we go

23 ways we stay green wherever we go

Apr 20, 2018

23 Ways We Stay Green Wherever We Go

Yes, sometimes we may go an entire day without seeing actual grass. And, yes, we hear busses coughing and car horns honking more often than the sound of grasshoppers chirping. But here at UBB we’ve managed to find countless ways to connect with nature in the big city. Whether through cultivating our own backyard jungles or finding those secret patches of wildlife (they exist!), here, some tips for keeping it green wherever you go.

    • Participate in a local cleanup (hint hint).
    • Forage at your local farmers’ market for organic produce.
    • Or at your local park. Use dandelions to make a salad that will seriously impress everyone at your next work potluck.
    • Compost all your food scraps.
    • Or save them in your freezer and turn them into a nourishing vegetable stock.
    • OR replant them! See a full list of produce you can regrow with scraps here.
Reclaim The Concrete:
    I maintain a full garden in my backyard with veggies, herbs,
    and a thriving hops vine!” - Jen S.
      • Collect rainwater and reuse it to water plants.
      • Join a community garden.
      • Post a birdfeeder near your window.
    Picnic Whenever Possible:
      “Once a month I get together with all my friends and their dogs in a
      different park. We bring brunch to share and lay on the grass.”- Karenina G.
        • Recycle everything (learn about your local recycling program here).
        • Ditch single-use straws, plastic bags, and coffee cups.
        • Try to go completely waste-free (see how we did it here!).
        • And turn all that would-be waste into an epic upcycled project.
        • Pick up litter on a jog around town (AKA plogging!).
      Mountain Bike (Even Without Mountains):
        “In Philly there's a sick pump track that you can get to from the Belmont Plateau.
        I ride along the Schuylkill River, then dip into some trails and wind my way down some decent single track.” - Dave L.
          • Walk or bike or scooter everywhere.
          • Carry a reusable bag wherever you go.
          • And a reusable water bottle (bonus points if it doubles as a travel mug).
          • Say no to paper receipts.
          • Ask restaurants to omit napkins and plastic utensils from your next takeout order.
          • Support green businesses.