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5 really useful tips for your next camping trip

5 really useful tips for your next camping trip

Feb 23, 2017

A roundtable with a handful of United By Blue Ambassadors

Gone are the days of stopping a finger on a spinning globe to plan a trip — instead, we just scroll through our Instagram feed. And we’re especially inclined to follow in the adventurous footsteps of our United By Blue Ambassadors, a group of content creators who share our passion for exploring and preserving the world. Since we’re constantly looking to these guys to inspire our next long weekend getaway and to demonstrate the ideal campervan setup, we picked their brains for their top tips for enjoying the outdoors, including the camping hack they wish they knew when they first started out and the easiest stuff to cook at a campsite.

On Left: Drummond Wool Vest and Lhotse Wool Plaid. Photos courtesy of Mason Strehl.

Mason Strehl

Works a 9-5 in Washington state & spends every other second of the day outside

Where to next?
Currently in Alaska!

I always pack . . .
The obvious answer would be my camera. Less obvious: a good pair of boots. Any time I'm anywhere at all I have my worn and weathered pair of Danner boots handy, and no matter what happens, I always have warm, dry feet.

Go-to campfire meal:
That would have to be bratwurst! Easy to pack and can be cooked over pretty much anything, or cut up and added to a lot of different dishes.

Favorite thing from UBB right now:
The Lhotse Wool Plaid.

Camping hack:
Number 1: Never was a boy scout, but their motto couldn't ring truer: Always be prepared. I would add to that and say to know your limits and what you're capable of. You can get yourself into some sticky situations and end up out in the middle of nowhere if you’re ill prepared and overconfident.

Number 2: Always carry a lighter



On Left: Ragg Wool Gloves and Classic Wool Beanie. Photos courtesy of Natalie Allen.

Natalie Allen

Academic, yoga teacher & proud desert dweller (Arizona, to be exact)

Where to next?
I've got a few in the works, including Hawaii in March, Iceland in May, and Zambia in June. Bring it on!

I always pack . . .
My camera, of course.

Go-to campfire meal:
Mountain House’s freeze-dried pasta primavera is super tasty after a long hike. Well, any pasta/veggie combo has my heart. Oh and don't forget the french press coffee!

On Right:25L Rift Pack

Favorite thing from UBB right now:
Everything. I’m all about the environmental sustainability behind UBB's bold, durable and ethically made products.

Camping hack:
Bring a down jacket. Just last month was the first time I've ever purchased a real, sturdy down jacket and it has forever changed my life. Don't judge, I live in the desert.



Shane Coker shot by @hailey.cassine

Shane Coker

Technically based in California, essentially lives on the road

Where to next?
Taking a tour of the Southwest, including northern Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

I always pack . . .
My camp coffee setup.

Go-to campfire meal:
My own "gourmet" grilled cheese recipe. YUM!

On Left: Drummond Wool Vest and Lhotse Wool Plaid    ||   On Right: 25L Rift Pack. Photos courtesy of Shane Coker.

Favorite thing from UBB right now:
My UBB × Klean Kanteen Cabin Travel Mug.

Camping hack:
BUY AN INSULATED COOLER! Those things are lifesavers.



Gretchen Powers

Avid cross country skier, hiker & camper who calls Portland, Maine home

Where to next?
Heading up to Quebec City to shoot a bit of the Nordic Skiing World Cup Finals and for some time on some of my favorite ski trails at Mont St. Anne.

I always pack . . .
My camera, my knitting and snacks.

Go-to campfire meal:
A good beanless chili and gluten-free rolls. And hot toddies. Lots of hot toddies.

On Left: Pinedale Colorblock Shirt and Treeline Bandana    ||   On Right: Ragg Wool Gloves and 25L Rift Pack. Photos courtesy of Gretchen Powers.

Favorite thing from UBB right now:
The Pinedale Colorblock Wool Shirt.

Camping hack:
There is no shame in packing an air mattress when you are car camping. I've had some back problems ever since my rowing days in college and the air mattress was a game changer. I actually like camping again!



On Left: Drummond Wool Vest and Nolde Bartrams Sock    ||   On Right: Treeline Bandana. Photos courtesy of Mike Battey.

Mike Battey

Californian who most frequently camps with his dog, Gansett

Where to next?
Thinking about some small ones, but my next big trip will be the Eastern Sierras in late March.

I always pack . . .
Peanut butter!

Go-to campfire meal:
Those refrigerated Pillsbury cinnamon buns cook really well on the end of any old stick.

Favorite thing from UBB right now:
I can't get enough of the Drummond Wool Vest! It's perfect for work and play. The wool is certainly top quality and seems to get better and better every time I wear it.

Camping hack:
Never miss a sunrise.