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A trip to brecon beacons

A trip to brecon beacons

Nov 2, 2016

Meet the Photographer Fueling Our Wales Obsession

We’re ashamed to admit how often we used to overlook Wales on the map – but photographer and avid adventurer Chris Buxton, who calls the UK country home, has completely changed that. He’s garnered nearly 50K Instagram followers showing off how beautiful his backyard is (and traveling around the globe, too). In Wales alone, he’s scaled mountain ranges, looked a Highland cow in the eye and precariously perched on coastal cliffs. Pretty impressive for a country with roughly the same population size as Iowa.

In an effort to live vicariously through Chris, we equipped him with a UBB Base Backpack for his recent trip to Brecon Beacons (one of Wales’s national parks) with simple instructions: Get out there, and take lots of pictures. Needless to say it’s now next on our travel wish list. If you want to follow in his footsteps, too, keep reading for his recommendations (including what to pack so you’re always prepared).

So, tell us about your trip to Brecon Beacons! What was the highlight of your trip?
We headed to the heart of the Beacons to camp overnight and watch the stars rise from above the mounts. Honestly, the highlight was just being able to take in the scenery all to ourselves. When we hiked up to our camping spot, we passed the last people of the day heading back to their car! That feeling of knowing that it was just us left there was pretty special, and I was able to pack a lot of our essentials all into the same bag, which is a bonus.

We're stoked to hear you took your UBB Base Backpack along. What was the most crucial stuff you brought? Is there something that you bring on every single trip?
Everything that I needed to take fit into the bag. It's definitely an adventure backpack! As this trip was overnight, I was able to take my sleeping bag, camera, spare clothes, and some food for the hike. I was also able to strap a sleeping mat onto the front too.

My main reason for heading out on this trip was to take photographs, so I would say the most crucial thing I brought with me was my camera! If I'm honest, I bring a spare pair of socks on every trip. Just in case! There's nothing like changing into a nice pair of clean socks after a long hike.

“My favorite thing is finding new places and scenery that inspires others to head out there too. And just literally being out in nature really calms me. It takes away the stress of everyday life.”

You're always outdoors and encouraging your instagram followers to do the same. What are your favorite things to do outside?
My favorite thing is finding new places and scenery that inspires others to head out there too. And just literally being out in nature really calms me. It takes away the stress of life.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a month, where would it be?
Right now, it would probably be the Dolomites mountain range in northeastern Italy. I'm actually going there in October so I can't stop thinking about it. The landscapes look seriously incredible, and if I could go live out there for a month in a small cabin in the mountains, I'd be happy!

If you could pick any person (alive, dead, fictional, whatever) to travel with, who would it be?
This may be a strange choice but … Winnie the Pooh. He's always up for going on adventures! As he says, "You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you, you have to go to them sometimes.”



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