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A Peek Inside Our Factories

There’s a lot more to the American bison than meets the eye (as if being a 2000 pound mammal wasn’t enough). When we first started experimenting with the short, soft fiber that makes up a bison’s thick winter coat, we discovered it was not just warmer than wool but also insanely comfortable — and what more can you ask for out of a winter sock?

And to pay proper homage to America’s national animal, it felt right to spin the yarn, stitch each sock, and box ‘em up in the USA too. In fact, our Ultimate American Socks are knit and packaged right near our Philly HQ in Reading, PA and Camden, NJ respectively. So we traced a batch from a few spools of yarn to sale-ready socks — watch the video below to follow along on the journey.

The Timeline

1. The UBB team designs the sock & packaging in Philadelphia, PA.

2. We collect bison down (an often discarded byproduct of the bison industry) from North American ranchers.

3. The down is combed, carded, and spun into sock yarns in Two Rivers, WI.

4. Our Ultimate American Socks are knit on specially outfitted machines in Reading, PA. It takes nine minutes to construct the sock.

5. Toe seams are closed and socks are washed, boarded, and boxed in Camden, NJ.

6. The Ultimate American Sock lands online & in our stores.

some sizes and colors are currently sold out, but you can pre-order a pair now for spring delivery.

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