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By the numbers: the bluemovement road trip

By the numbers: the bluemovement road trip

Aug 27, 2018

We’re back

and the final tally is in…

◆  ◆  ◆

The Bluemovement Road Trip has come to an end (but don’t worry, the fun is just beginning). Just to recap, our pioneering crew of husband and wife duo Jeff and Kelly (and their too-cute-for-words goldendoodle Chance) spent the last 60+ days hosting cleanups across the nation. Throughout their route, they met up with volunteers, local community groups, and like-minded retailers to protect our most vital resource: water.

So what happens when you spend 2 months living out of a van, cruising all across this great, big country? Here’s how the numbers stack up.

Pounds of Trash Removed: 12,091 lbs

We climbed levees, waded into rivers, and even shoved off in kayaks to get to it, and, boy, did it pay off. The trash we saw the most of: plastic bottles. The weirdest trash we wish we could unsee: a deer butt archery target and a lost social security card!

Miles Driven: 10,000+

We drove through sunny skies, torrential downpours, and more than a few dirt roads. Essentials for long days on the highway included plenty of Charm City episodes, Spotify’s “Songs to Sing in the Car” playlist, and constant caffeination.

Volunteers: 514

We couldn’t have done it without our fearless band of volunteers. From toddlers to grandparents to even a few four-legged helpers, everyone turned out and hauled some serious trash.

States Visited: 20

The Bluemovement-mobile took us everywhere, from Philly to Louisiana to Nevada to Indiana, and every corner had its own unique qualities. Birmingham dealt with heavy rains, which caused creek levels to rise and trash to get stuck on tree branches. In Ruidoso, we learned about the impact of the invasive thistle plant (and even met the town’s fearless thistle fighter, known as the Weed Warrior, who helps prevent the flower from spreading). Inspired to go on a cleanups road trip of your own now? Check out our cleanups page for full recaps and to see where else we've been this summer.