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Choose your adventure

Choose your adventure

Nov 2, 2016

Take This Quiz To Find Out Where To Go Next (And What To Bring With You)

Let's Get Started

The first thing you pack for a trip is...
A. My dry bag
B. Plenty of socks
C. A pocket knife and flashlight

How do you make a taco?
A. Fresh, grilled fish and some pico de gallo
B. Pop some chicken, cheese & guac in a tortilla
C. I just add all the salsas I can find

Pick a travel buddy.
A. A group of friends that's up for anything
B. My dog — or any dog, really
C. I'm fine flying solo

Which bear is best?
A. Grizzly bear
B. One that isn't hungry for humans
C. Koala bear

Your typical Sunday consists of...
A. Grabbing my paddle and going
B. Staying in bed for as long as possible (bring coffee)
C. Waking up in a tent and hitting the trail

Now, tally up your answers and see where you should head to on your next big adventure!   ↓ ↓ ↓


You're more comfortable at sea than on land.

Photo by PRA

Next stop: Kayaking the canyons at Lake Powell
Because it doesn’t get much better than quiet backwaters, stunning stone formations, and camping on the beach.

Bring: Boardshorts

We craft these quick-drying bottoms from a four-way stretch recycled polyester, so they’re up for any activity.

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You’re all about the simple things.

Photo by Ollie Jones

Next stop: Hut-to-hut hiking in the Presidential Range.
Reward yourself for a long day tackling New Hampshire’s terrain by relaxing in one of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s off-the-grid huts at night.

Bring: A lightweight terry pullover

Weather tends to change quickly in the White Mountains, so you’ll want an extra, easy-to-pack layer with hike-friendly stretch.

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You’re an avid adventurer.

Photo by Pseudopanax

Next stop: Scoping out an active volcano in Whakaari, New Zealand.
Also known as White Island (since it’s most often seen as a plume of white smoke in the midst of the Pacific), this isolated, almost otherworldly island off the Bay of Plenty Coast is well worth the 80 minute boat ride.



Bring: The Bluff Utility Backpack

Just the right size for all of the essentials (without weighing you down as you walk the crater’s edge).

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