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September 07, 2016

Take This Quiz To Find Out Where To Go Next (And What To Bring With You)

Let's Get Started

What's your favorite way to spend PTO days?
A. Fly fishing in Montana
B. Surfing off the coast of Ireland
C. Day hikes on the Appalachian Trail

How do you take your coffee?
A. With a splash of milk. (all kinds are fine)
B. Always over ice
C. Black. How else?

What's your favorite pizza topping?
A. Whatever! I'll try everything once.
B. Mushrooms. (Really most veggies)
C. Plain, maybe add pepperoni if I'm feeling dangerous

Pick an Animal
A. Grizzly Bear
B. Sea Turtle
C. Golden Retriever

Pick a Picture:

Now, tally up your answers and see where you should head to on your next big adventure!

Photo by TerjeN


Next stop: Trolltunga, Norway

You're an avid adventurer.
You love life on the edge — and one of the few brave enough to scale this spectacular cliff.

Bring: The Range Daypack
Crafted from recycled water bottles, this backpack is sturdy and roomy to lug all of your supplies. Be prepared for anything that the trail throws at you with this deceptively light pack.

Get The Range Daypack

Photo by 29c


Next stop: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

You're more comfortable at sea than on land.
We know you'd be all about these 16 terraced lakes (they change color throughout the day thanks to the sun's rays).

Bring: A Packable Parka
This waterproof jacket folds up inside its own pocket so you'll always be prepared in the rain or on a boat.

Shop Men's Steele Packable Parka

Shop Women's Singley Packable Parka

Photo by MMT


Next stop: John Muir Way, Scotland

You gravitate towards simple things.
You enjoy long hikes and good views. Follow in famed outdoorsman John Muir’s footsteps on this stunning, 105-mile path.

Bring: A soft, organic cotton pullover.
Perfect for crisp nights under the stars (throw in a Muir Enamel Mug for good measure).

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