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Introducing the westward collection

Introducing the westward collection

Apr 8, 2019



Meet our latest obsession: a hardy line of old-school canvas bags that pack in functional details for a modern, on-the-go lifestyle. Eight of them! It’s a bag line that looks good (with vintage style and coloring) and does good (with recycled, organic, easy-on-the-earth materials). It’s nostalgia-meets-rugged-meets-innovative.

We caught up with UBB’s accessories designer, Camille (aka Cam)who is just the girl to design backpacks, as she hardly ever sits stillto talk about the inspiration behind the collection.

“I wanted to design a clean, modern line of bags that are durable, convertible, thoughtful and built for adventure. The Westward Collection is made for everywhere and for everyone.”


Reminiscent of the stalwart canvas pack travelers used to load up and throw over their shoulders before heading off to the great unknown, these bags are as timeless as they are dependable. Because, when it comes down to it, we built these bags to last: when you combine aircraft grade aluminum hardware that can take a beating, Nubuck leather that stands the test of time, and a double wax coating for extreme water repellency, there’s no environment too tough. The recycled polyester and organic cotton canvas paired with a water resistant, recycled ripstop nylon lining makes for a tear and stain-resistant pack that fits in on the trail or on the commuter line.

“A double-coated wax finish on a very eco-friendly fabrication that will protect and age nicely with years of wear was the true inspiration of the line.”


And those are just the basics; what makes this collection really special, besides the rugged, classic look that we can’t get enough of, is the seemingly endless array of technical functions that come equipped with each pack. We’re talking hidden straps, covert bottle openers, secret pockets, reflective loops and adjustable bottle openers. You better believe it: no detail was overlooked when it came to these designs. Two of our top picks:

“Trusty pockets—and I do mean POCKETS—keep your essential gear easily accessible and organized without causing extra bulk.”

The Rolltop:
Our streamlined take on the classic backpack, with a three-snap closure and easy-access pockets.

The Dufflepack:
A sizable duffle that sneakily transforms into a backpack and fits in the overhead compartment!


Let’s talk purpose. We’ve all got our go-to bags, whether it’s the Carryall tote that takes us to yoga in style or the rugged dopp kit that’s seen too many campground bathrooms. We knew we landed on something special with the recycled polyester/organic cotton canvas exterior, recycled nylon ripstop interior, and heavy duty aluminum hardware, so we built out a collection with eight distinct styles. Take your pick.

“It was an adventure to design this collection—keeping in mind the United By Blue ethos of sustainability and durability and creating a bag that is not overtly outdoors but shares the same function as typical outdoors bags.” -Camille Dominiguez