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A Behind the Scenes Look

Thanks to those crisp but not too cold temps and foliage worth fawning over, fall is our favorite season for hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and hammocking. So when it came to shooting our fall collection, we knew we had to track down a location where we could do all of the above — in front of a stunning natural backdrop, of course.

Our creative team packed their bags (more specifically, stuffed suitcases with our Fall 2016 line) and headed for the Olympic Peninsula for a quick 24 hours of scouting, shooting and scarfing down burgers. Here’s what went down behind the scenes, according to our photographer, Kelly Smith.

So, why did you choose to shoot the fall 2016 line on the Olympic Peninsula?
I went out to Olympic National Park and the Washington coast on my own for a few days this May and fell in love with it. The landscape filled with evergreens, and the untamed wild feeling of the coast made this my first choice for our F16 campaign. The Olympic Mountains are also just breathtaking - I could sit and stare at them for hours.

Photo by Hanna Walters

How did you scout the perfect location to shoot? What aspects of Olympic National Park did you want to make sure you captured in your photos?
I’d hiked Hurricane Ridge when I visited in May, so I was already pretty familiar with what could get done within our time constraints and what to expect on the trail. I was hoping to get out to the Pacific for the second half of the shoot for oceanside camping and kayaking, but it was too far away from Hurricane Ridge. We would’ve spent more time driving than actually shooting the line.

After some digging on Google Earth (my very favorite location scouting tool from afar) I found a photo of this island on Crescent Bay in the Strait of Juan De Fuca. It was only a 10 minute drive from our little Airbnb cottage. Efficient and beautiful? A photographer-on-a-timeline’s dream.

What were the models' favorite things to shoot in? Why?
Devon loved the Himley Waffle Sweater, which added an extra layer of cozy to lounging in a hammock and admiring the mountains.

Tyler was a big fan of the Lhotse Wool Plaid considering we hit a storm front and a huge temperature drop when we moved from Hurricane Ridge out to Crescent Bay. That wool is a godsend for cold days (also suede elbow patches, hello).

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What did you do when you weren't on location?
This was a super quick trip, so we were in go mode the whole time to get it done and dusted. When we weren’t triple-checking our routes and locations, sitting on the floor of the Airbnb steaming clothes, or stuffing our faces with energy bars, we did take a hot second to stroll around Port Angeles. We grabbed coffee at Bada Coffee Bar and browsed MOSS, an awesome outdoor lifestyle boutique in the center of town. And we had some mind-blowing burgers at Next Door Gastropub.

Photo by Hanna Walters

If you could go back again for just 24 hours, what would you make sure to do?
After shooting our models on those mountain bike trails, I’d love to get out there on two wheels myself!


You can check out the full shoot on Kelly's portfolio.


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