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So, You Want to Do a

Blue Friday Cleanup

Here at United By Blue, we’re no strangers to getting our hands dirty:

To make good on our mission to pick up a pound of trash for every product sold, we personally scoop up Styrofoam and haul abandoned tires at our company-organized cleanups. So in an effort to set you up with Blue Friday success, we polled our team to collect their top tips. Here’s what you need to know before you head out for your own trash-picking event on the day formerly known as Black Friday. (Oh, and don’t forget to order your cleanup kit by 11/20 to receive it in time!)

Blue Friday waterway: Pine Creek, Pittsburgh

Her advice:

“Three things: 1) ALWAYS wear gloves. 2) Survey the area before your cleanup if possible. 3) Coordinate where to drop off your trash and recycling ahead of time! Proper trash disposal is the most important part of a successful cleanup.”

Blue Friday waterway: By morning: Arizona Canal, Phoenix. By afternoon: San Francisco Bay, San Francisco

His advice:

“Look for areas where the trash can get caught and congregate, like larger rocks and plants around the shore. Even if the site initially seems clean, there is almost always trash in those areas.”

Blue Friday waterway: Delaware River, Philadelphia

Her advice:

“Have fun, and be mindful! Enjoy the time spent with family and friends, but think about the type of trash you are picking up and how it relates to the trash you are creating in your everyday life. Are there steps you can take to reduce the overall amount of waste in your daily routines? Hint: Reusable bottles, bags, and containers. You will find a lot of plastic/glass bottles and plastic bags!”

Blue Friday waterway: Atlantic Ocean, Avalon

Her advice:

“Batch the area you’re cleaning into small sections. It makes the cleanup manageable if you are cleaning a particularly dirty or large area, and more meaningful if you have a group of volunteers since each person can take ownership of their ‘plot’ of land.”

Blue Friday waterway: Conestoga River, Lancaster

Her advice:

“Know your trash! Not everything you find can be tossed into your city’s trash or recycling stream.
Most municipalities have an FAQ on what can and cannot be trashed/recycled and the proper ways to dispose of waste.”

Blue Friday waterway: Delaware River, Philadelphia

His advice:

“Wear shoes with good tread and that you don't mind getting dirty. Be patient and take your time: most of the worst trash is small things like bits of plastic, cigarette butts, and straws. Have fun, bring friends, and meet people! Everyone is there for the same reasons so you have a lot of common ground with your fellow cleaners.”

Blue Friday waterway: East Branch Indian Creek, Narberth

Her advice:

Make it fun! Dress warm and pack some cider, cameras, maybe even some wireless speakers and a football for a pick up two-touch game or throw post-cleanup.

Want to join us on Blue Friday?
Learn more about the initiative and order your own cleanup kit.

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