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The best waterfall camping for a weekend escape

The best waterfall camping for a weekend escape

Apr 26, 2018

The Best Waterfall Camping
for a Weekend Escape

Come the weekend, we prefer to trade in our piercing iPhone alarms for the gentle wakeup call of nature. Birds chirping, branches snapping, bacon sizzling in an over-buttered skillet.

Even better? The quiet roar of waterfalls in the distance. With vacation season fast approaching, we rounded up our favorite waterfall camping spots featuring no-filter-needed views. They’re the perfect hideouts to pitch a tent, take in some soothing nature sounds and set the cell to Do Not Disturb all weekend long.

Best Campgrounds with Waterfalls:

1. Ricketts Glen State Park

Benton, PA
Our Favorite Waterfall: Ganoga Falls
Drop Off: 94 feet

In a mere 7.2 mile loop, Ricketts Glen’s Falls Trail System winds its way through 22 waterfalls (and that’s just those that are named!). The series of falls offers it all, from steep dropoffs to softer more gradual inclines (the kind you really wish you could waterslide down). If you only see one, make it Ganoga Falls, the tallest of the bunch, which weaves gently down 94 feet of staggered rocks. Reserve a site on the perimeter of the Big Loop for instant access to the scenic Lake Jean.

Photos from our Shipping Coordinator, Danielle

2. Taughannock Falls State Park

Trumansburg, NY
Our Favorite Waterfall: Taughannock Falls
Drop Off: 215 feet

This dog-friendly campground offers tons of amenities all within walking distance to some of the region’s most stunning waterfalls. At 215 feet, Taughannock Falls stands taller than Niagara Falls and is equally majestic. Pitch your tent at one of the sites overlooking Cayuga Lake, then head to the short and sweet Gorge Trail to take in the best views of the falls. With less than a mile hike from the to the overlook area, it’s the perfect distance for hauling a pack filled with picnic provisions. Once you arrive, bask in the cool mist rolling off the falls from the basin below or overhead - both vantage points are easily accessible.

Photo from our PR Associate, Ethan

3. Wildcat Camp

Marin County, California
Our Favorite Waterfall: Alamere Falls
Drop Off: 40 feet

Beach + waterfalls. Does it get better? This coastal campground is relatively secluded but completely worth the lack of on-site parking. A 5.5 mile-long hike will lead you to a vast open meadow flanked by vibrant wildflowers where you can pitch your tent. From there, Alamere Falls is a short mile away (meaning you have plenty of time to sleep in before making the trek to watch the sunrise).

4. Hocking Hills State Park

Logan, OH
Our Favorite Waterfall: The Falls at Old Man’s Cave
Drop Off: 20 feet

Part of Hocking Hills State Park, Old Man’s Cave drew us in as much for the legend as it did for the scenery. The area gets its name from hermit Richard Rowe who is said to have lived in the caves during the late 18th century. With insane views of the region’s Black Hand Sandstone (a mix of pure quartz sand and pebbles) and towering hemlocks all around, it’s a place worth hunkering down at. Our favorite way to wile away a day at this waterfall campground: Take a dip in the crystal blue waters at the base of Old Man’s Cave, then take a short hike to nearby Cedar Falls.

5. Strathcona Provincial Park

British Columbia, Canada
Our Favorite Waterfall: Myra Falls
Drop Off: 200 feet

This picturesque park is home to the highest waterfall in Canada, but we’re partial to Myra Falls for its chill factor. And by that we mean its smooth banks of limestone and basalt with ridges and nooks that seem to have been perfectly carved out for perching with a good book and bag of trail mix. Reserve a spot at the Ralph River Campground for quick and easy access to the falls (plus some unreal rainbows - see pics from our sales manager’s last trip for evidence).

Photos from our Sales Manager, Matt

As with all campgrounds in the summertime, we highly recommend booking your site in advance to get the absolute best spot for waterfall camping.
Got any favorite sites for soaking in those cascade views? Give us a shout on Instagram at @unitedbyblue!