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Here to Help You Kick That Plastic Water Bottle Habit

We do some of our best work during our river and ocean cleanups, and our partnership with Klean Kanteen is actually no different. The idea to work with the reusable everything company came about in 2015, when we were searching for a way to hydrate our volunteers that wouldn’t involve plastic bottles or certain red cups. Klean Kanteen stepped up in a major way and donated steel pint tumblers for our cleanup crew (which we still proudly use). In 2016, we paid them a visit in their hometown of Chico, California and joined forces on a cleanup, removing 1,100 pounds of waste from Big Chico Creek.

Since we both share a passion for cutting back on single-use plastics, it just made sense to collaborate on a line of reusable products. What started with a couple cups has since expanded into our co-branded line of graphic stainless steel goods, including our newly launched Hike All Day Travel Mug, which features one of our favorite mantras and a possibly magical leakproof cap. To celebrate the expansion of one of our favorite collabs, we chatted with United By Blue’s Product Assistant, Bastianna, and Klean Kanteen’s Field Marketing Manager, Melissa, about what it takes to put together a UBB x Klean Kanteen product.

Klean Kanteen & UBB have a lot in common (for example, they're both B Corps!). Tell us why you think this partnership is a good fit.
Melissa, Klean Kanteen: You know when you meet someone and you just know you'll be great friends? That was what it was like when we were introduced to each other. We have many shared core values. We are emphatically committed to not only creating beautiful and thoughtfully designed products, but are also determined to create benefit for the world through our success. As Certified B Corps, both Klean and UBB have made socially responsible business the primary focus of the work we do. We both think it’s crucial to SHOW UP and do the work to create the positive change we want to see in the world. A testament to that is our first collaboration: Klean provided pints for each volunteer who participated in UBB’s amazing cleanup programs.

How do you decide which designs will work best with Klean Kanteen products?
Bastianna, United By Blue: As always, we wanted to create products that really embody the spirit of being outside. Our love of the outdoors is just another thing that UBB and Klean Kanteen have in common and something we love to share with our customers.

What's the one UBBxKlean Kanteen product you personally can't live without?
Bastianna: All of ‘em... but seriously, all of ‘em! I usually have at least two UBB × Klean Kanteen products on me at all times. I can almost always be found with the UBB × Klean Kanteen Mountain Cabin Travel Mug. It's awesome because it is totally leakproof, which means I can throw it in my bag and never have to worry about it spilling. I also use the Evergreen Pint throughout the day at the office.

Melissa: The vacuum-insulated Hike All Day Travel Mug. It’s leakproof, keeps my coffee hot for hours, and the beautifully simple design makes me smile every time I see it.

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What's next for the collab?
Melissa: We are looking forward to continuing to show up together through UBB cleanups and a diverse array of beautiful collab products. You will have to wait and see what else we have up our sleeves!

Bastianna: I am a huge fan of surprises, so you won't get too much out of me...but I will tell you that we are super excited to continue our partnership with Klean Kanteen into 2017 and have some awesome new products and new designs in the works. So keep an eye out!

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