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We’ve Been On The Road For 39 Days Straight. What We’ve Learned So Far

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39 days ago our honorable Bluemovement Road Trip crew hopped in a little van packed to the gills with garbage bags, trash grabbers, safety gloves, and one playful goldendoodle/suspected teddy bear in disguise. Since then, Kelly, Jeff, and Chance have hosted United By Blue cleanups in 10 states and saved more than 5,000 pounds of waste from ending up in the waterways that serve those communities. As our navigators cruise through the trip’s halfway mark, they’re sharing some wisdom they’ve learned from living on the road for the last 5 weeks. Read on for their insights, then see where they’re heading for the next half of the trip here!

Recycling Bins are an Endangered Species

Jeff: We are spoiled in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in terms of the scope of what and how we recycle. I’ve been extremely surprised by just how many towns and cities either don’t recycle at all or don’t recycle things like glass. I’m hopeful that we have the right people in the necessary places to be the catalyst for this change after our trip.

But Whole Foods Recycling is Plentiful

Kelly: Whole Foods has been our go-to for a number of things: dropping off recyclables in areas where recycling didn’t exist; enjoying dog-friendly dining options when few/none could be found; and free wifi (!).

open spaces

Country Music Finally Makes Sense

Kelly: How much open space there is in the West helps me appreciate country songs better.

Microfiber Towels Are a Game-Changer

Jeff: I had only used the smaller, hand towel size of microfiber towels before this road trip, but we purchased some full body ones before we started and it was the best purchase of the trip. They dry your body (and become dry themselves) so quickly, plus they are soft and comfortable - definitely using it for all my showers going forward.

Drive-Thru Coffee Shops are Pure Magic

Kelly: Mini log cabin coffee drive-thru’s need to come to the East Coast. I first saw these in Portland, OR and have been spotting them since we drove from New Mexico through to Idaho. We love supporting local businesses while on the road, and whenever we’re not camping (and using La Colombe coffee and a french press) we stop by one of these.

New Mexico Has the Coolest License Plates

Jeff: New Mexico’s centennial version is, in my opinion, the most beautiful license plate in the country. The turquoise blue accented with yellow letters and the red dot in the middle is a work of art.

  • Richmond, VA

  • Fayetteville, WV

  • Louisville, KY

  • Cleveland, TN

  • Birmingham, AL

  • Jackson, MS

  • New Orleans, LA

  • The Village, OK

  • Ruidoso, NM

  • Flagstaff, AZ

No Matter Where You Go, People Are Fighting to Protect our Planet

Kelly: A large proportion of the volunteers at our cleanups have been those that are connected with a local conservation or civic volunteering organization. It’s been very inspiring to see how these affiliations really bring people together and have brought attention to new issues (like water conservation) to groups that had either never heard of UBB or had never done a local trash cleanup.

Want even more wisdom from the road? Follow Kelly and Jeff’s journey on Instagram and check out the Bluemovement Road Trip Facebook album for behind-the-scenes pics.

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