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We picked up 1 million pounds of trash. Here's how.

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Whale Watching Candle

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Our Mission

For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from our world's oceans and waterways.

We created this company because we wanted to make a bigger, more measurable impact on our oceans and encourage people to do the same. So we stopped simply writing checks and started organizing and hosting these cleanups. We wanted to do our part to clean the waterways ourselves.

That’s also why we take the care to create products that use responsible materials (like recycled polyester, which reuses plastic bottles so they won’t wind up in gyres). If you’d like to help, we’d love to see you at our next cleanup.


Details +

Crafted to capture that fresh saltwater scent (no matter how far inland you are when you light it). Includes notes of lemon and green apple with a hint of amber.

- Only 72 made
- 8.5 oz. candle
- Burns for 40+ hours
- GMO-free soy wax
- Cotton wicks
- Hand poured in Philadelphia, PA

About the Artist +

Montana-native Isaac Lowe-Anker grew up with the Rockies in his backyard, raised in a family that instilled an appreciation for both the outdoors and art at an early age. With clean lines and skillful stippling, he transforms what he sees on frequent trips to Canada and Washington’s San Juan Islands into outdoor illustrations with a modern finish.

Learn more about the artist →

How to Recycle Your Candle +

Once your candle’s burned through, here’s how to clean out the wax so you can reuse your glass container:

- Very carefully fill the glass container with boiling water (stop just short of the lip)
- Allow the glass container to soak. Wax will float to the surface and harden as it cools
- Once wax has hardened, remove it from your glass container
- Wash away any remaining wax with soapy water



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