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Blue Friday

◆ November 29th, 2019 ◆

Billions of pounds of trash enter our oceans every year. We believe that every living creature is united by the blue of our world's oceans and waterways and we all share the responsibility to protect them

Our fourth annual Blue Friday, a nationwide DIY cleanup initiative, is going down on November 29th, 2019. Before we dig into that leftover turkey sandwich, we’re going to spend one hour on the day formerly known as Black Friday picking up trash in a local park. And we want you to join us, wherever you may be.

Want to join? Snag a DIY Cleanup Kit, and find a park or waterway in need. It's that easy!

Order Your DIY Cleanup Kit




Answers to your most-asked Blue Friday questions:

Will the trash count towards UBB’s total?
Our total weight ticker is based on our company-hosted cleanups so we can ensure it's as accurate as possible! Trash collected during Blue Friday does not count towards UBB's total weight, but it's still just as important for the Earth.

When will the the Most Interesting Trash competition winner(s) and data results be announced?
We'll send out those results about 1-2 weeks from the submission due date (11/30).

If I'm participating in Blue Friday with a group, should each member complete and submit a data card?
Nope! Just one data card is needed per location. Each member in your group is welcome to complete their own card during the cleanup if they wish; you'll just need to combine the card info into one online submission (including photos and entries for our Most Interesting Trash contest).

I didn't get a Blue Friday Kit but still want to participate. How can I do so?
No problem! You can still get the free digital version of the kit. We will email you a link to download the How-To Guide and Data Card to help you plan and run your Blue Friday cleanup. All you'll need to gather solo are some gloves and trash bags.

Where will the data I submit go? To what purpose?
Once we receive and organize all data entries, we'll share the results with scientists working in government, non-profit, and not-for-profit research focused on land-based trash sources. We'll share more details about these groups in our post Blue Friday report.

Does it matter if the cleanup is near water?
We know every participant doesn't have easy access to a cleanup site near a waterway, and that's okay by us. Most land-based trash ends up in a river or ocean eventually, so even by cleaning up your local park, you're making a big impact on helping our waterways. The data you gather will not be submitted to our marine-debris research partners, but your Most Interesting Trash contest submission(s) and photos are still more than welcome!



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What to do with your trash (and treasures)

Be sure to separate recycling from trash and mark your bags accordingly. Tightly close your trash bags so wind or precipitation cannot blow trash out of your bags, which creates litter. Dispose of waste properly in a trash bin, dumpster, and/or recycling center.

Follow EPA guidelines to determine what can and cannot be recycled in your area. Some rules of thumb:

Widely accepted recycled items include:
Glass bottles & jars (unbroken)
Generally non-recyclable items (trash):
Plastic bags*
Food products
Tissues, paper towels, and napkins
Window glass
*Some grocery stores, drug stores, and recycling centers offer separate plastic bag recycling.