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How It Works

Before your trip:

  1. Browse our rental options and pick the kit that suits your needs.
  2. Choose your getaway dates.
  3. Within 48 hours of booking, you'll receive a confirmation email that will include a contract to sign and a link to make a deposit, which will reserve your kit.
  4. The 30% deposit will go toward the full rental fee. The remaining 70% of the rental fee will be charged the day you pick up your kit.  
  5. Pick up your kit in our Flagship store at 205 Race Street in Old City. Your kit will be available for pickup starting at 4pm the day prior to your reservation start date. Our weekday store hours are 7AM-7PM and weekend hours are 8AM-7PM. Please have the confirmation email available on your phone for the store associate.

After your trip:

  1. At the end of your trip, give the tent a good shake down and make sure all equipment is dry and accounted for.
  2. Drop off the kit at our Flagship store during store hours on Sunday evening or Monday (7am-7pm). If the kit isn't dropped off by 7pm on Monday, you will incur a daily late fee equal to 33% of your total reservation cost.
  3. Once dropped off, you'll receive an email confirming we have received the entire kit.
  4. Within 48 hours we will send a follow-up email notifying you if we have found any damaged or missing equipment.

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

I’m new to camping, do I need to bring anything else if I’m renting the Duo or Double Date kits?
Our solo kit includes just the basics, so you'll need a few more necessities, such as cooking gear. For those renting our duo or crew kits, we recommend a pillow, toilet paper, food and drinks, bug spray, and sunscreen. And before you go, read our tips for building a campfire effortlessly every time.


We decided to stay one more day, is that okay?
Sure! Give us a heads up so we can confirm that the kit is available for the extra time. Please be aware that you will be charged for an additional day, which will amount to 33% of your total reservation cost. This goes for any type of return made after the set return date.  


The forecast is looking grim for the weekend I’m supposed to go camping, what do I do?
Our tents come with a waterproof tarp to shield you from the rain (and check out our rainy day tips at the bottom of the page), but if a thunderstorm is in the forecast, we’d rather you be safe and stay in! If this is the case, please reach out to us as early as possible and we can change or cancel your reservation.


Do I have to clean this before I give it back?
Yes please! Give the gear a good shake down and let it all dry if it’s wet. No need to deep clean, but we ask that you remove any loose dirt or grime.


Oh no! This item looks a bit worn after the weekend, I promise I just used it the way it was intended!
No worries! Wear and tear happens. Please stop using the item if it can no longer be used as intended, and let us know when you get back.


Admittedly, I broke this item.  
We’ll appreciate your honesty if you let us know when you turn in your gear. Depending on the damage, we may charge a fee to repair or replace the item for future renters. We will let you know via email what the fee will be within 48 hours of receiving the kit.


What if there are a few more things I’d like to add to the kit?
We're not offering additional items at this time but in the future you'll be able to take a look at our a la carte page and add any other items you’d like. This will be at an additional cost.


How do I pay for this?
When you reserve a kit, we’ll send you a link to put down a 30% deposit, which will hold your spot. When you pick up your kit from the store, you’ll pay the remaining cost. If there is any damage or a necessary late fee, we’ll let you know and charge the card on file. Please be aware that we cannot change the payment method once a deposit is made.


What happens if I have to cancel and how do I do that?
We ask that you cancel via email at least five days before your reservation begins, in order to receive a full refund on your deposit. We will withhold your deposit if cancelled within five days of pick-up time.


I liked what I used, can I buy it after?
Yes. You can place an order at the store after returning your kit, and we'll give you a discount!


Do you remove trash in honor of my rental purchase?
Of course! We remove a pound of trash for every purchase made. And don't forget to use the garbage bags provided to leave the area a little better than you found it.


Rainy Weather Tips

  • Don’t let the rain get you down. After all, rain is just liquid sunshine! And there’s nothing like waking up in a sleeping bag, dry and snug, while soft rain falls on your tent walls. Trust us.
  • Bring a friend! Camping alone in the rain could get boring without some company.
  1. Bring waterproof clothing (we recommend the Albright Rain shell for both men and women) and waterproof coverings for electronics.  
    1. Opt for performance fabrics over 100% cotton—they dry quicker when wet.
    2. Make sure to pack warm clothes, as the temperature will drop in the rain and at night.
    3. Extra socks! Running low? Shop our collection.
  2. Bring foods that don’t require cooking, so you can wait out the rain with a snack.
    1. Never cook inside your tent
  3. Bring some tent activities.
    1. Some of our go-to's include cards, games, books and crafts (revive your grandma's knitting needles!)
  4. Find high ground! High, flat ground will help prevent pooling around your tent.
  5. String up a tarp to cover your tent and/or your cooking area.
  6. Bring camp shoes! Don’t leave wet boots on for longer than necessary.
  7. Remember if venturing out that rocks and mud will get slippery. Wear sturdy shoes with good tread.
  8. If your bag isn’t waterproof, line it with a waterproof bag before packing your things. A garbage bag will work in a pinch.
  9. Make sure your toilet paper is in a waterproof packaging. Pro tip: repurpose a coffee can!

Camping Tips

  • Practice! If you opt to pick up your kit on Thursday, give it a test run and try setting up your tent before you leave.
  • Not a huge fan of spiders? Use peppermint oil to keep them out of your tent.
  • Pour some hot water in a tightly sealed bottle to warm up your feet in your sleeping bag.
  • Bring plenty of snacks! When you’re tired after the trip, you’ll enjoy a treat! And if you need dinner inspiration, check out our favorite camping recipes. 
  • Don’t want to bring your pillow into the woods? Stuff your extra clothes in the sleeping bag sack—makeshift camp pillow!
  • If you’re camping near water, bring a little bag of rice. We know too well that phones and streams don’t mix.
  • Dry clothes can work in a pinch to dry out your shoes overnight. Ball them up and stuff them in your shoes to speed up the drying process.
  • Clean as you go so you don’t get stuck doing it all at the end. And always leave your campsite better than you found it.
  • Monitor the weather and plan according.
  • Relax—you may forget some things the first go-around, or not have the best experience in general. Think of it as a learning process and try again soon.
  • If you don’t want to wake up with the sun, pack an eye mask! There won’t be too much between the two of you.
  • Make sure you know what poisonous plants look like.
  • Check for ticks!
  • Burning sage in your campfire can help keep the mosquitos away (and clear the area of any bad energy *wink*)
  • Learn how to make a campfire before you go—the movies make it seem easy but there really is a methodology behind it! Luckily, we've got you covered with our easy how-to guide.

Contact Us

Don't see your question answered here? Send us an email at