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Luke Wright

Luke A. Wright

@mrlukewright | lukeawright.com

A freelance photographer who currently splits his time living and working between the small town where he grew up in Delaware and Chicago, Illinois.



What's your United By Blue gear must-have?

I love my Trafford Weekender bag! I use it all the time. I’m traveling a lot so it’s perfect to have as a carry-on bag or for those smaller trips where you’re just packing a couple outfits and some other essentials.


Favorite Trail?

A couple years ago my family and I vacationed at Acadia National Park. While we were there my father, brother, and I got to hike to the top of Pemetic Mountain together. It was one of the first times I have ever really hiked and it was a pretty memorable experience. I remember getting to the top and seeing the breathtaking view and feeling so accomplished. It was great. Acadia as a whole is a pretty rad place.


Lakes vs. Ocean?

The ocean. I’m a little bias because I grew up living right by it, so it will always bring a sense of “home” to me. I love how vast and open it is. It has a personality of its own.


What keeps you motivated to explore?

The unknown! There is so much out there that has yet to be seen and/or discovered.

Something people don't know about you?

That I’m obsessed with rap. Ha ha! It seems to shock most people when I plug my phone in to the aux cord and play nothing but Drake and Future.

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