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Press 2015 2

[Sand & Sun: Packing for a Florida Christmas] Mt. Drew Duffle

December 23, 2015

“I’m taking along a new piece of luggage, a sturdy and functional United By Blue duffle bag made from solid waxed canvas. The Moss color is just different enough from my Navali Stowaway Weekender, so it’s a nice addition to my everyday travel carry. And as I’ll also be on the road in the coming weeks, it’ll certainly get a lot of use.”

[Stocking Stuffers for Men] Merino Trail Socks

December 6, 2015

“Wool is the miracle fiber that makes winter doesn't seem so bad — seriously. Not only is it naturally odor-resistant and insulating, it can be slipper-like soft. These trail socks from United By Blue are made in North Carolina and represent one less pound of trash in the ocean with each purchase.”

[Cabin and Camp Trends in Decor, Toys and Gifts for All] Day to Night Coasters & Wilderness Enamel Steel Mug

December 6, 2015

“Since aged charm is much of what you’re after, many cabins or log homes use knotty pine paneling and the accouterments of hunting lodge motif to help set the tone. Antique furniture either weathered or in a rural finish, under exposed rafters, antler chandeliers, indoor-outdoor wicker seating all create a scene. And porcelain eating plates, wood hewn-and-branded Day-to-Night Coasters and something like our United by Blue Wilderness enamelware/steel cup to help to get the feel.”

United By Blue Opens Up Shop in NYC Over the Holidays

December 4, 2015

“'Being based in Philadelphia, everyone here at United By Blue loves the idea of having a physical presence in Manhattan.' said company Founder and President Brian Linton, 'The United By Blue pop-up at Seaport Studios is a great way for us to test the waters in a market where we would eventually like to have a permanent store. We look forward to seeing how NYC responds to our responsible, durable goods.'”

[Hard Work: 15 Best Work Jackets for Men] Foraker Jacket

December 4, 2015

“United by Blue is an eco-conscious company dedicated to making quality apparel while helping to preserve the ocean, which means you can both look good and feel good when you purchase the Foraker Jacket. Harkening back to the traditional work coat donned by your grandfather’s generation, the coat is made out of sturdy duck canvas with brass buttons and multiple pockets.”

United By Blue Opens Up Shop in NYC Over the Holidays

December 4, 2015

"United By Blue, an innovator and leader in socially responsible business practices and products, is delighted to announce the company’s first brand store in New York City will be open from December 7 – January 17th at Seaport Studios in Lower Manhattan. Open for business through the holidays, United By Blue will maintain the concept shop in a revitalized area of one of Manhattan’s oldest neighborhoods."

Social Entrepreneurs, Remember This About Impact Metrics: Keep it Simple

December 3, 2015

"How did United By Blue, a retail company and coffee shop that cleans trash out of waterways on a volunteer basis, raise over $500,000 from ICP? Moore said there’s a strong alignment between the company’s mission and its metrics: For every piece of retail sold in their stores, the company promises to clean one pound of trash from the world’s waterways."

[American-Made: Outdoors Gifts Born In The USA] United By Blue Bison Snap Jacket

December 3, 2015

“The Bison Snap Jacket is a lightweight, water repellant piece that’s ideal for mild winter temperatures (above freezing).”

[Travel in Style this Holiday Season Wish List] Mt. Drew Duffle

December 1, 2015

"Made from sturdy 18 oz. organic waxed cotton canvas, the duffle bag packs just about as much of a punch as you’d want, featuring durable brass hardware, a cotton lining and enough space to comfortably pack for a weekend away."

[Gifts That Give Back] Day to Night Coasters

November 30, 2015

"Finally, a coaster that does double duty: on one side, Coffee (day); on the other, Beer (night). Hand cut from fallen trees that grew in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, the coasters are then sanded, polished, and branded with the Day to Night designs, making them the perfect accessory for your coffee table or bar top."

This Incredibly Warm Jacket is Lined with Bison Fur

November 20, 2015

"The concept was to create a piece of outerwear that's uniquely American, so choosing an animal indigenous to the States was only natural. Plus, that fur is warm. Warm enough that the coat itself is about twice as good at protecting you from the cold as your average ski jacket, and on par with heavy polar equipment."

United By Blue x Ursa Major ‘Blue Ridge Kit’

November 19, 2015

"Outdoor lifestyle brand United By Blue teams up with natural skin care company Ursa Major to launch the limited-edition Blue Ridge Kit. It’s an exclusive, travel-ready collection of skin products set to make your next trek a pleasure – in more ways than one."

[The Manual's Made in America Gift Guide]Rogue Soaps & The Ultimate American Jacket

November 19, 2015

"Rogue Soaps: Though nice-smelling soap isn’t too hard to find around the holidays, Rogue Soap is pretty danged special. These soaps are inspired by some of the most beautiful spots in Oregon, including the Rogue River, Siskiyou Forest, and Crater Lake. The Ultimate American Jacket: If it’s warm enough to keep bison alive on the frozen wastes of Wyoming, it’s warm enough keep your loved one comfortable on his outdoor adventures."

United By Blue's Ultimate American Jacket

November 19, 2015

"United by Blue has already shattered their Kickstarter goal, so we were especially curious to get hands on their Ultimate American Jacket. Made entirely in the USA, this isn't like most other winter performance apparel out there."

The American Bison is Changing the Winter Jacket Game

November 18, 2015

"Now, thanks to apparel company United By Blue, the American bison has become an American fabric. Noting the impressive warmth properties of bison fur, the Philadelphia-based brand has developed an outerwear line utilizing a revolutionary bison-based insulation that performs as well as or better than leading sheep’s wool insulations."

Is Bison Wool the Next Big Innovation in Outerwear?

November 17, 2015

"New innovations in outerwear don't come around all that often, so it's a big deal when a company brings something original to market. This year, we've been impressed by United By Blue, a sustainable company that's pioneered the use of bison fiber in technical outdoor gear."

[The Best Gear Jobs] United By Blue

November 16, 2015

"Today there are three UBB stores, and its products are sold in more than 400 retail locations. It also employs 25 people, nearly all of whom are younger than 30. The whole staff pitches in on cleanups. Their reward: themed potluck lunches, quarterly meetings held at campsites, and access to the shops’ DIY workshops to learn skills including kombucha brewing, bookbinding, or terrarium making."

Fighting the Chill: A November Weekend in Michigan

November 16, 2015

"To get around Grand Rapids, I layered up in a nice, insulating ribbed cotton henley via the fine folks at United By Blue."

Style Pick of the Week: United By Blue Standard Henley

November 14, 2015

"This two-tone henley is crafted from 100% organic cotton, a big selling point if you’re an eco-conscious shopper. It’s a waffle ribbed cotton knit, so it’s got some good texture to it — enough so that you shouldn’t feel out of place rocking it under, say, a blue chambray shirt, or even as the top half of an outfit featuring navy sneakers. "

[Fashionably Fall] Murray Plaid Dress

November 12, 2015

"United By Blue’s Murray Plaid Dress feels like a nightgown but looks like a dress. With a sophisticated approach to seasonal plaid, this classic shirt dress is flattering on a variety of figures and can be worn with or without the belt."

[5 Innovative Kickstarter Campaigns to Fund Right Now] The Ultimate American Jacket

November 9, 2015

"This conscious outdoor clothing brand is dedicated to sourcing materials for its jackets, socks, blankets and more from American producers, and eliminating waste in supply chains. United By Blue’s new Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to better source bison fiber for a new, ultra-warm jacket."

[The Best Backcountry Tools and Toys] United By Blue Explorers Ax

November 5, 2015

"Resist the urge to leave the United by Blue Explorers ax mounted above the fireplace. The sturdy hickory handle and two-pound head make it an excellent choice for actually chopping wood."

[Camp City: Hit the Woods This Winter] Tafton Fleece Zip Hoodie & The Gram Axe

November 5, 2015

"Tafton Hoodie: Wear it to the office, wear it on a date - definitely wear it camping. Get that new hoodie by United by Blue a good smokey smell. The Gram Axe: When you're done chopping wood, bring this back home to retake it's spot on the wall - because The Gram Axe is art."

United By Blue Ultimate American Jacket

November 2, 2015

"New from United by Blue, the outerwear insulates using fiber made from the shaggy hair of the humpbacked wild ox, giving you the same thick coat that keeps the large bovine warm during cold season. And it will do that without dressing you up like a giant buffalo, either, so you get to look just as stylish as you do with whatever down jacket you’ve been braving winter with all these years."

United By Blue: Ultimate American and Bison Snap Jackets

November 2, 2015

"To United By Blue, bison means insulation and warmth. United By Blue is an outdoor brand from Philly that is passionate about oceans and waterways. Part of their company’s mission is to remove 1 pound of trash from a river or ocean for every product sold. Recently, they turned to Kickstarter to launch two new products featuring their proprietary insulation, B100 Fill, that’s made from American Bison wool."

[This Week in Gear] A Jacket Made with Bison Fiber

October 30, 2015

"In other quirky-materials-in-jackets news this week, United By Blue’s Kickstarter campaign for a bison-fiber-insulated jacket is well underway. Made entirely in the US, the four-layer Ultimate American jacket features bison-fiber insulation, a waterproof, breathable shell, removable vest and 14 pockets in total—with both men’s and women-specific fits."

Bison Fur Insulates New ‘Ultimate American’ Jacket

October 30, 2015

"Bison are as American as it gets, and from the Great Plains comes a jacket insulated by their fur, a unique natural fiber."

A New Form of Sustainable American Fashion

October 29, 2015

"What does it really mean to make a product in a sustainable way entirely within the United States? We quickly learned that the most challenging aspect was to find sustainably and domestically sourced natural fibers that stood up to the high standards and rigors of our brand. Ultimately, the solution surprised us. We found a fantastic natural fiber that’s not only sustainable, but also underutilized and found only in North America: the American Bison."

The Explorers Axe

October 29, 2015

"Chop in style with the Explorers Axe from United by Blue. A collaboration between a century’s old tool manufacturer, a group of North American explorers, and a talented sign painter has resulted in a collection of 5 stunning camp axes worthy of a gallery."

Ultimate American Bison Jacket

October 28, 2015

"United by Blue is currently crowdfunding a bison jacket. When I read that, I pictured either something straight off the set of Dances with Wolves, but it turns out instead of being a giant bison hide with a zipper, these guys are taking bison fur and creating an insulation material to fill the jacket and give you that burly warmth those plains pounders enjoy all through their mountain winters."

United By Blue Ultimate American Jacket

October 27, 2015

"The latest in non-down outerwear is United By Blue’s bison-hair-insulated jacket. The waterproof four-layer jacket features a removable vest and 14 pockets for prime versatility as fall inches towards winter. The naturally temperature-regulating bison fibers make it great for temperatures between -10 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. And lastly, it’s made entirely in the USA."

United By Blue Unveils Bison-Fiber Insulated Jacket

October 23, 2015

"Philadelphia-based clothing and accessories provider United By Blue has introduced the Ultimate American Jacket™, a waterproof insulated winter jacket sourced and built entirely in the United States and made with bison fiber insulation."

United By Blue Ultimate American Jacket

October 23, 2015

"There's a new standard in cold weather jackets and it's 100% American. The Ultimate American Jacket is a 4-layer, waterproof winter jacket with B100 Fill Bison fiber insulation. It's incredibly warm and waterproof, yet breathable and comfortable. And it looks fantastic too."

United By Blue Ultimate American Sock

October 22, 2015

"I’m not sure why bison look so grumpy. If these socks are any indication, they should look happy all the time. My feet have been very happy wearing these United by Blue, Ultimate American socks. I sometimes have them on my feet for close to 20 hours at a time."

Philly Retailer Smashes Kickstarter Goal with Bison jacket

October 21, 2015

"United by Blue, a 5 1/2-year-old retailer based in Old City, put its "Ultimate American Jacket" on the crowdfunding site last week, surpassing its $50,000 goal within a day of launch and raising more than $132,000 in its first week."

[11 Urban Bike Accessories Every Rider Needs] Bike Beer Carrier by United by Blue

October 20, 2015

"The Bike Beer Carrier is an accessory every beer-lovin’ man should have. Throw in your favorite six-pack, strap it over the top tube of your bike, and secure for a safe ride. Whether heading to a friend’s party, dinner at your favorite BYOB restaurant, or just home from the liquor store, this is a must-have."

The Bison Insulated Jacket

October 19, 2015

"Claiming to keep you comfortable in everything from rainy Seattle fall days to full on Siberian winters, United By Blue’s new Ultimate American Jacket uses bison fiber as insulation. Waterproof as well as warm, the layers of the jacket can be shed or added according to the prevailing conditions."

Fall Adventure: GearJunkie & Huckberry Collab Shop

October 19, 2015

"Autumn is the best time for outdoor adventures. Get out there as the leaves turn with this gear. United By Blue Ultimate American Sock."

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