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Brendan and Kelly lived and worked in NYC before moving in together in a 1984 VW van and traveling cross-country for 6 months (yes, it was as crazy as it sounds!). Their life is now devoted to exploring, creating, and finding a balance between the chaotic city and the peaceful coast of Rhode Island. They have turned their way of life completely on its head in order to live where they can surf in the morning, work together, and have space to create.

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What's your United By Blue gear must-have?

Brendan never wears any other hat than his UBB cap. It's turned from a dark navy blue to a beautifully faded light blue. My favorite are the camp socks - they are the most cozy.


Favorite Trail?

Our favorite hike to this day is the Partington Cove Trail in Big Sur, CA - Camping in Big Sur, a friendly woman at the campground gave us a paper map and drew some vague directions in pencil - "Drive two miles north, it's just a dirt road with a cattle gate but you can park at the top and hike down," she said. After driving past the entrance several times, we found the cattle gate. The trail took us down to the shore, past some small waterfalls, through an abandoned mine shaft and along a trail that was absolutely breathtaking. Once we reached the water, we watched sea otters eat kelp as they floated on their backs.


Lakes vs. Ocean?

Ocean - no question about it. I (Kelly) grew up on an island, constantly in and around the ocean, attune to its moods and colors. I fell asleep to the sound of waves crashing growing up and now that I have moved from NYC to the New England coast, I fall asleep to that sound once again. It makes me feel at peace and at home.


What keeps you motivated to explore?

Much of my motivation to explore is rooted in a need to create and learn more about the world. The need to make something - even if it's just one single photograph from a hike - pushes me to get out and look a things differently. Every experience you have affects what you make - I use that as a motivation to get out and explore.

Something people don't know about you?

I (Kelly) had only been camping once before moving into a van and camping around the country for 6 months. It was one of the most intense and fulfilling periods of my life.

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