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215 Wax How-To

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Photos By Kelly Smith


215 wax tutorial

The 215 Fabric Wax Bar

Responsibly developed with a blend of beeswax, vegetable and plant based oils, our 215 Wax was made to protect your United By Blue goods with heavy duty water repellency. This 100% natural wax does not contain any petroleum, silicone, hazardous ingredients, dyes or pigments and is proudly made in the USA with renewable ingredients. If you haven't picked one up yet, feel free to check it out:

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215 wax tutorial

Step One

Wipe area clean with a soft cloth.

215 Wax Tutorial
215 Wax Tutorial

Step Two

Gently heat the surface. A hair dryer on high heat will work just fine.

215 wax tutorial

Step Three

Rub wax bar back and forth across fabric. Fabric will have a milky white coating as wax sets in.
Use fingers to help spread wax evenly.

215 wax tutorial

Step Four

Re-heat the surface to seal in wax. You will see fabric return to its normal shade once the wax has been properly heated and sealed.

215 wax tutorial

Step Five

Let dry for 24 hours.
Re-wax as often as necessary.



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