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Filmed By Vancrafted


“It doesn't matter what ocean I'm near, as long as it's blue, I'm home"

"Brendan and I were initially drawn to UBB because of their persistent, yet quiet dedication to keeping our oceans clean. I've known the ocean for as long as I've been alive and describing the depth of that relationship has always been a challenge. It's something that Brendan had heard me talk about and we've been experiencing more as we travel together. When we decided to make Acadia a part of our journey after connecting with UBB, we saw it as the perfect location to harness and portray that passion - it's what drew us there in the first place."

Kelly & Brendan are two halves of the creative studio, Vancrafted,
traveling the country in their ‘84 VW Westfalia camper, documenting American doers and makers.


Stay tuned for more stories from the road from Kelly & Brendan...



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