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Camp Coffee

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Enamel Mug near campfire

“When we were at the top of the mountain, where you can rarely find a decent, clean stream to fill up your bottles, we used the cup to melt down glacier snow into drinking water, as well as an extra cup of tea on the cold night. Overall they were fantastic to take and are definitely a permanent fixture on my hiking pack now. The handle stays nice and cold when heating it on the fire so it’s still able to pick up, and its durable, wear proof design held up well to the abuse of 61km of trail hiking.”

United By Blue True Explorer: Luke Gram

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Luke Gram is a photographer, hiker, camper, and all-around outdoorsman (we’re always pining away at his photos).
As a testament to the United By Blue Enamel Mugs, he’s often just coming back from some distant mountain range, after conquering a new trail.

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