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The Gram Axe

The Gram Axe

Every product purchased removes 1 pound of trash.

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These axes are more than just wall art. The Explorers Axe was designed in collaboration with a storied tool manufacturer, a group of explorers, and a talented sign painter. The result is a collection of 5 beautiful, yet functional camp axes.

- Made in USA
- 26" overall length
- 2 lb. head
- Hand sharpened, forged tool-steel head
- Tempered bit hardness of Rc 48-55
- Forged from 1070 high carbon steel
- Heat treated and tempered
- Head coated with black and clear enamel
- American hickory handle. Eye section dried to below 10% moisture content to minimize shrinkage to prevent head loosening
- Made in North Carolina from a family-owned company over 120 years old. Hand painted in Philadelphia.

Care + Content +

- The best way to maintain sharpness is to use a flat file, followed by a whetstone. Accidents are less likely when using tools that are sharp
- Prevent rust by wiping or spraying metal parts with light oil during long periods of storage
- To replace a wooden handle, first clean the eye thoroughly. Fit the new handle with a rasp or sandpaper. Store the handle overnight in a warm, dry room to ensure dryness. The hand should be driven in tight, and then drive the wood wedge as far as possible. Saw the handle flush with the tool head

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