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World Oceans Day 2015

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Written By Kelly Offner
Photos By Kelly Smith


world oceans day 2015


This year, the established World Ocean’s Day theme is “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Lives.”

Humans get their main source of protein from the ocean, not to mention the great joy and serenity we find in fishing, playing, relaxing in and traveling the big blue. We enjoy a healthy disposition and imagination thanks to the seemingly endless abundance of the ocean. As a result of this bigness, the problem of waterway pollution and conservation can seem an overwhelming issue to tackle.


world oceans day 2015
world oceans day 2015

Over eight million metric tons of plastic waste pile into the ocean each year and, without immediate action, ocean pollution is expected to substantially increase over the next ten years. Where do these estimates come from? Well, it’s a rather complex calculation containing a familiar variable: Us.

world oceans day 2015


Since United by Blue’s inception in 2010, we’ve focused on the small efforts that can help to make a big difference. You can find it in our talk: for every item sold we remove a pound of trash from our oceans and waterways. Most important, you can find it in our walk: over 242,000 pounds removed during 127 cleanups with the help of over 4,500 volunteers.

The best way to tackle a large issue is to separate it into smaller goals which are realized, for us, in the form of waterway cleanups and responsibly made goods. This World Ocean’s Day, remember that big things have small beginnings.


world oceans day 2015
world oceans day 2015

Shop for brands with a cause, support companies that have tangible values, educate yourself (and your friends, neighbors and loved ones) on waterway pollution and how you can make small, meaningful steps towards curbing it. To the goal of healthy oceans: approach with a spoonful of hope and a healthy dose of action. Inspire those around you by taking part in refusing single use plastics and recycling or composting as often as possible.


Want to get your hands dirty? Volunteer for one of our cleanups below.


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If you can’t make it to a cleanup, the best way to support clean waterways is by purchasing a United by Blue product.


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