Mission: Braddock Dumpsite Cleanup - A Community Cleanup

Mission: Braddock Dumpsite Cleanup - A Community Cleanup

This past weekend, on two chilly mornings in Pittsburgh, volunteers arrived bright and early to start on the challenge of cleaning up what has become a dumpsite, especially for tires. Together we were able to remove 43,343 pounds of tires and trash out of the dumpsite on Washington Ave as well as other areas in town.

By the numbers:

  • 1,166 tires collected
  • 3,1600 total pounds of tires recycled
  • 11,543 pounds of mixed debris collected
  • 3 30-yard dumpsters filled
  • 43,343 total pounds of trash removed

This work did not only benefit the watershed by removing tires that leach harmful chemicals into the Monongahela river when it rains but it also helped the community. The borough manager of Braddock, Louis Ransom said 

“I believe that Braddock feels like a forgotten community sometimes… We have people that take advantage of the empty space by dumping their waste here because they believe that nobody is here to care.  This cleanup shows a recognition that people do still care about Braddock and our residents and that they aren't being overlooked. “

This work meant so much to the neighborhood, it signified that people do still care about Braddock and are willing to act to help this town. Our work was able to act as a catalyst for change and now cameras with motion sensored lights will be put up around the dumpsite to prevent illegal dumping in the future.

Thank you to all who came for being a part of this work and helping us to fulfill our mission of every product sold equals one pound of trash removed from waterways. You can help to support this mission further by visiting our website and purchasing items that help you to live a low waste lifestyle.
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