Every day, 38,356,164 pounds of trash are dumped into our oceans

It’s this overwhelming statistic that drives our mission: for every product purchased, we clean a pound of trash. Through the support of our in-house Cleanups Department, community volunteers, and partners across the world, we’re cleaning up shorelines one piece of garbage at a time.

Community Cleanups

The cleanup that started it all. We organized our first community cleanup the week we sold our first t-shirt, and we’re still getting our hands dirty to this day.


Corporate Cleanups

Turning the tide on ocean plastic through sustainable partnership

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DIY Cleanups

Miss a community cleanup or don’t see one in your city? DIY cleanups let join in on our mission anytime, anywhere.

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High Yield Cleanups

Cleaning 50,000+ pounds of trash per cleanup, these professionally-organized events give us the opportunity to make an impact in especially polluted areas.

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International Cleanups

Together with Plastic Bank and Sungai Watch, we facilitate ongoing trash removal efforts in some of the most polluted waterways across the Philippines and Indonesia.

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