Sustainable Swim: The Responsible Board Short

Sustainable Swim: The Responsible Board Short

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This is The Responsible Board Short. No, it’s not going to remind you when it’s time to reapply sunscreen, that one’s still on you. But it does do a lot of other responsible things like keep trash out of the environment and pay workers a living wage. 

Responsible Materials

Our Responsible Board Shorts (which are available in multiple inseams and genders, BTW) are crafted with materials that are, well, pretty damn responsible. We start with recycled polyester that’s been certified by the Global Recycling Standard. Not only does it keep perfectly good plastic in use and out of landfills, it also keeps your board shorts performing their best summer after summer. We then blend in organic cotton that’s been farmed fairly without the use of nasty chemicals and a hint of spandex to ensure ultimate breathability and comfort on even the longest of beach days. 

Responsible Manufacturing

The SA8000 Standard basically created the definition for responsible manufacturing. This globally-recognized certification, which has led the industry for over 20 years, ensures fair business practices that adhere to some of the highest social standards – and is exactly how our board shorts are produced. In addition to being SA8000-certified, our manufacturing partner is a member of the Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium: a group of Hong Kong based textile and apparel companies committed to increasing the use of sustainable practices across the fashion supply chain. 

Responsible Mission

Nobody likes a trash-littered beach. Actually, nobody likes a trash-littered anything. That’s why every Responsible Board Short removes a pound of garbage from the environment through our company-led cleanup programs. We’ve been organizing cleanups near and far since 2010 and have removed over 4.2 million pounds of trash to date – all thanks to responsible purchases made by you.

You remember to pack the extra sunscreen and reusable water bottles, we’ll take care of the board shorts. Shop all responsible swimwear here.

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