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For every product purchased, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways.

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Why We Do It

Ocean pollution is undeniably one of the most pressing issues of our time. The overwhelming amount of plastic in our waterways is polluting our beaches, choking our wildlife and contaminating our drinking water. We are committed to making a tangible impact, so we confront ocean trash in the most direct way we know how: by getting our hands dirty and removing it from the waterways. By mobilizing the community to join us, we aim to not only rid our shorelines of litter, but also to inspire individuals to live less wasteful lives.

Cleaning Up Safely

In order to make our community cleanups as safe as possible, we’ll be adhering to all local COVID-19 regulations along with the following protocol:

• Adjusted event capacity

• Verbal symptom screenings upon arrival

• Sanitization supplies for all volunteers

Want more information on our COVID cleanup policies? See our FAQ section below for full details.

Don't See A Cleanup Near You

Our Reusable DIY Cleanup Kit includes all the tools you need to organize your own cleanup anytime.


Cleanup FAQ

More Information

What should I bring to the cleanup?

We provide all cleanup supplies, including trash/recycling bags and gloves. We also provide water, sunscreen, bug spray, and hand sanitizer. At community cleanup events, volunteers will receive a free stainless steel water bottle.

We recommend wearing long pants and closed-toe shoes to our cleanups. You are welcome to bring your own trash-picker if you’d like!

Can I bring my own cleanup supplies if I don’t feel comfortable using yours?

Of course! Our reusable, communal cleanup supplies are industrially cleaned between uses, however, we welcome volunteers to bring their own supplies (thick gloves, trash bags, etc.) if they feel more comfortable doing so.

Do I need to bring a mask?

Yes! Please bring a mask for any potential close proximity situations. Depending on the cleanup’s location, local regulations, and the status of the virus, masks may be required for parts of the event. When out in the field and spread out, masks will not be required unless regulations require them.

Do I need to be vaccinated to participate?

Vaccinations are highly encouraged among volunteers, but we will not ask for verification or require them.

Are all ages and abilities welcome to cleanup events?

Unless specified in the event description, we welcome all ages and abilities at our cleanup events. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian pre-register for the cleanup on their behalf ahead of time in order to sign our Minor Waiver, or, come to the cleanup accompanied by a parent or guardian. For volunteers under the age of 14, we ask that a parent/guardian attend the cleanup with the Minor regardless.

If you have questions/concerns regarding the accessibility of the cleanup location, please reach out to prior to the event to discuss accommodations.

Where does the trash go once it's picked up?

Before each cleanup, we determine the safest and most sustainable way to dispose of the marine debris and coastline trash that we haul in. 

We recycle clean, newer plastics, glass, and cardboard with local recyclers. If we can’t work with the local municipality for this service, we pay out of pocket for private, responsible, and traceable recyclers. 

If/when we encounter specialized materials, like metals, batteries, electronics, etc., we contact specialized recyclers and pay for their proper disposal. 

For items that cannot be recycled or composted, we properly dispose of all trash and debris with a local landfill.

Can I join a cleanup once it's already closed?

We always welcome walk-ins to our cleanups! If pre-registration fills up, feel free to just show up the morning of the cleanup. We’ll be sure to have extra cleanup supplies for you.

How can my company partner with UBB on a cleanup?

We welcome event partners that help amplify our cleanup events in the following ways: 

Promotional (assists with recruiting 40+ volunteers per cleanup through marketing, social media, etc.)Educational (adds a relevant educational component to the cleanup) Logistical (adds a necessary component to the event structure, like permits, location scouting, catering, etc.)

If you think your company / organization fits one of these categories, please reach out to bailey@unitedbyblue to chat further! 

Note: We always welcome corporate groups/organizations to volunteer at our cleanups with no obligation other than showing up. If you’re just looking for a way to get out in your community, I encourage you to join us at a cleanup near you! For groups larger than 30, please contact at least 2 weeks prior to the cleanup to coordinate.