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Regional Cleanups Team

Regional Cleanups Team


Job Overview: United By Blue is seeking two part-time employees to join our Cleanups team in our new Regional Cleanup Team positions. The Regional Cleanup team will execute United By Blue’s one-for-one mission by hosting cleanup events and educational programming in the Western USA region, including California, the PNW, and Southwest USA. This job position is not your standard office or events coordinator position. The team will travel around to major Western USA cities to represent United By Blue’s mission and further waterway conservation efforts in this region. The team will travel frequently and live on the road at times (all expenses paid), so applicants should be comfortable being adaptable and resourceful. The job positions require the Regional Cleanup Team to be present at all pre-scheduled cleanup dates in 2020. Our Cleanups team at headquarters will plan and coordinate each waterway cleanup event, and the Regional Community Team will execute on these plans and bring the mission of United By Blue to life.


This job position offers a large amount of flexibility. It is intended to be a part-time position, but the selected candidates can make what they want of the position. This could be an opportunity to live full time on the road, traveling around the Western USA with your expenses paid, or it could be a compliment to another part time or flexible job. The expectation is that the team will use a United By Blue Sprinter Van to travel to pre-scheduled cleanup dates and locations, and it is up to the team to determine how long it takes for them to arrive onsite. This is a great opportunity to travel, add some supplemental income while touring the US, or take a “gap” year while earning income. 


We encourage all applicants with an adaptable, resourceful, and positive attitude to apply! That said, please note that you will be traveling in a van with another team member for long hours, sometimes days, at a time. Couples or strong friendships may apply together, or friendly individuals are welcome to apply and be paired with a complimentary individual applicant. 


Team Overview: The Cleanups team executes the company’s mission to remove one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways for every product sold. One of the main strategies to accomplish this is to host community cleanups. Community Cleanups allow UBB to engage and educate thousands of volunteers on issues surrounding ocean pollution, while encouraging volunteers to become invested in their local waterways. As a member of the Cleanups team, you will gain experience executing community engagement events, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of community outreach and environmental education. You will create meaningful impact on waterways and communities in your region, and educate hundreds of volunteers along the way. You will serve as a representation of a for-profit company existing to do good in the world. 

Job Logistics:

Reports to: Community Cleanups Coordinator


Duration: May 1st- December 12th

    • Interviews will occur March - April 2020
    • Initial training will occur April - May 2020
    • First cleanup events to run will start June 2020


Time commitment:.

    • This is a part time position with an expectation of executing approximately two events per month all over the Western USA. The selected candidates may choose their weekly / hourly commitment, whether that be to live full time on the road, or to have a “home base” and travel the day or two prior to each event. 
    • Cleanup events are always on Saturdays, so the Regional Cleanups Team is expected to arrive on location the night prior to the event, or in plenty of time before the event the day of the event. It is up to the Team to determine how long they would like to take to arrive on location, depending on their work situation and “home base,” or if they choose to be full time living on the road. 
    • You will be expected to dedicate 6 hours per cleanup event. 
      • 3 for the event, 3 for set-up and breakdown.
    • Expect an additional 5-10 hours of work per event to prepare supplies and ensure needs are being met for the event.
    • One benefit to this position is the freedom to self determine how long you wish to take to get to each location. Pay is determined per event, leaving freedom in travel time. 


Location: We welcome the team to have a “home base” wherever they’d like in Western USA, so long as they can travel to the required Cleanup event dates and locations. At this “home base” (unless the team lives full time on the road), the team will be responsible for storing the company vehicle and equipment at a local storage facility in between events. 


Cleanup Locations - Required Attendance:


6/6 - LA

6/13 - San Diego

7/18 - Tahoe

7/25 - Salt Lake

8/15 - Portland, OR

8/22 - Seattle, WA

8/29 - Vancouver, BC

9/12 - Houston

9/19 - Austin

10/10 - San Francisco

10/24 - Phoenix

11/7 - Seattle / Kent / Spokane

11/14 - Denver

12/5 - Huntington Beach

There is potential to add 2 - 3 additional cleanup events throughout the Cleanups season that are not on this list. The HQ team will work with the Regional team to determine dates that work with the Regional team if this is the case. Some flexibility is requested with this schedule, as rain dates and/or necessary date changes may arise throughout the year. The HQ team will work with the Regional team to accommodate schedules here as well.

Pay: The Regional Cleanups Team will be paid a stipend to cover food, lodging, and compensation. The pay quantity assumes approximately 6 - 8 days worth of work and work-related travel per month. The Team is welcome to build out the United By Blue Sprinter van for sleeping purposes, use their own equipment to camp, or use the excess of their stipend to pay for lodging. Depending on how close the team’s “home base” is to the cleanup locations, overnight lodging may not be required. 


Gas will be covered separately using pre-calculated mileage. This way, the team may take roundabout ways to get to each cleanup location if they’d like to travel / sight-see, but gas will only be covered for the distance from Point A to Point B for each cleanup location. 

Who You Are:


  • Previous event coordination / management experience
  • Previous retail experience, familiarity with working for or with consumer brands 
  • Strong organizational skills - you will be expected to manage tasks before, during and after each event. 
  • Comfortable working independently - your team will be executing the entire day of event duties. HQ will be on call during events, but you are the leader and the face of the brand at each cleanup event.
  • Accountable - will be held to work deliverables and deadlines, without direct supervision
  • Comfortable adapting to needs / responsibilities that arise quickly at cleanup events
  • Comfortable leading- speaking to volunteers at a cleanup event during registration, safety briefings, etc.
  • Detail oriented 
  • Leadership training experience, either professionally or through extracurriculars
  • Interest in ocean conservation issues
  • Interest in sustainable business practices and mission-driven work
  • High level of professionalism to represent the brand in a new region


Physical Requirements:

Please note - if you only have some of these skills, but a paired applicant has the others, you will still be considered for the job. If couples/friends applying have complimentary skills, please indicate so on your application. 

  • Must be able to be present to manage all cleanup events in your region, listed under “Locations”
  • Must be comfortable working in outdoor areas, along rivers and coastlines (uneven footing, occasionally long walks carrying equipment, etc.)
  • Must be comfortable handling beach cleanup equipment and handling trash bags after the cleanup event. 
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and a passport that will not expire throughout the duration of the Cleanup season.
  • Must be comfortable driving for long periods of time. Experience driving larger vehicles (like a Sprinter Van) is highly desired. 
  • Must have a solid tactical understanding of vehicle maintenance. Higher levels of comfort with vehicle maintenance are valued and desired. 
  • Being handy and having some familiarity with basic tools, small building projects, and “fixing” equipment is highly desired. This will come into play as you customize the Sprinter van to your liking, and will be necessary should any cleanup event equipment (tent, tables, etc.) break along your way. 
  • Must be comfortable doing general supplies / equipment maintenance, including regular laundry of cleanup supplies, keeping equipment clean and functional, etc.
  • Must possess a working laptop from which to conduct office work remotely.
  • Must be able to lift and carry 40+ lbs. 


To apply:

Please read the job description thoroughly, as this position is not for everyone. If you think you would be a good fit, please email a resume and a brief cover statement (<750 words) on why you feel that you are a good fit for this position to


Please note, non-traditional resumes are welcome! We want to see your experience in traveling, time on the road, vehicle maintenance experience, and event management experience, etc. alongside with work history and professional qualifications. In your cover statement, please address the following:

  • Your interest in the position
  • Past experience with travel, road trips, “life on the road” experiences, or other situations in which you’ve had to be adaptable through travel.
  • Past experience with events
  • Whether you are applying with a partner or individually, and depending:
    • How you and your partner work together / compliment each other
    • How your individual strengths could compliment a stranger’s, or an example of how you’ve worked well with new team members in the past 


Friends, couples, and other “paired” applicants should send their resumes and statements in the same email, and indicate that they are applying as a pair. However, each applicant should include their own resume and statement in that email. 

In your email (separately from your statement), please confirm or deny that you are available for all of the cleanup and travel dates listed in “Locations.”