Get to Know EcoKnit™ Ribbed Activewear

Get to Know EcoKnit™ Ribbed Activewear


Stretchy, soft, and ribbed all over, our EcoKnit™ activewear is perfect for light movement and lounging alike. We sat down with UBB Associate Designer, Sierra Saia, to get to know our newest batch of activewear a little better. 



How would you describe the EcoKnit™ Ribbed Activewear material?

I’d describe it as a soft, thick, and heavyweight ribbed material. It has a natural cotton hand feel which makes it a great season-less piece for year-round wear. Overall, it’s super comfortable and soft – you could spend all day in it.



What makes it sustainable?

We wanted to make the majority of the fabric content organic cotton in order to reduce the amount of synthetics in both our UBB line and in the activewear market in general. It’s hard to find organic cotton activewear so we wanted to help fill that gap. Aside from the organic content, the recycled polyester lining is a shared fabric with other pieces in our line. This sort of material sharing across multiple styles helps us to get more use out of a single material and ultimately be more resourceful with sourcing.



There were a few updates made from last season’s ribbed activewear, right?

Yep! We shortened the bike short length to 5”, giving it a more modern and versatile fit, and we completely updated the bra to make it feel and perform more like a true sports bra. It has a higher neckline and a hemline that sits higher on the torso. It also has a cute strappy racerback design. 



What types of activities would you recommend it for?

I would describe these pieces as best for everyday activities and comfort. I think they’re perfect for running errands, casual outfitting, even lounging. They could also be used for more gentle activities like yoga or low-impact sports. The bra is fully lined and a bit more compressive than the bottoms, so it could potentially be used for something a little more high-intensity like running.



What’s your favorite thing about the collection?

I love the fact that they’re a set but also really cute on their own. Leggings and bike shorts are so versatile for everyday outfitting, and the bra can easily be paired with a high-waisted pant and a jacket to make a casual outfit feel a little sportier. The versatility of the pieces really helps you to get a lot more wear out of them.

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