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Meet vote out loud artist tiff reed

Meet vote out loud artist tiff reed

Sep 28, 2020

Tiff Reed is a graphic designer and hand-letterer based in Norfolk, Virginia. Tiff has always had a love for color and creating, and developed her passion into the artwork she designs today. When she's not in her studio, she enjoys trying new foods, traveling, yoga, watching true crime shows, and being a mother to her daughter, Alaina.


Norfolk, VA I have a BFA in Drawing & Design and started hand lettering since 2014. But, I've been an avid drawer since I could hold a crayon.I mainly use Procreate these days.I like to bring awareness to different social and political issues people face through my work. I think important discussions need to be made and art can be used as an impactful conversation starter.Kathe Kollwitz, a german printmaker, is my all time favorite artist. She made bold statements in her work and I love how expressive her style was. I also love Lauren Hom, a super talented hand lettering artist. I love the bright colors she uses and how she infuses fun elements in her pieces.First, I look for quotes I would like to draw. Next, I'll pull examples of posters that I think would convey the message/style I want and use them as inspiration. Then, I'll choose a color palette and make small layout sketches. Lastly, I'll enlarge my sketch and draw the final piece.I think I answered this in #4 :)I wanted to be a part of something that would be such a positive influence in not only my community, but everyone's community. Although many opportunities for my fellow black creatives came from a horrific event, it's still great to be able to raise so much awareness through our work.You will have many people discouraging you along the way, but never let that stop you from creating.