These bags are trash: crafted from deadstock fabric and old plastic bottles that give old waste new life.

Deadstock (R)evolution™

Guaranteed For Life

All of our bags come with a lifetime guarantee. If any United By Blue bag fails its intended use, we'll repair or replace it for you in accordance with our policies.

Water, Tear, and Stain Resistant

Created with 100% recycled polyester with a DWR finish, our (R)evolution™ bags can handle rainy commutes, long hikes, and heavy books.

100% Vegan

We removed the vegetable-tanned leather details and replaced them with recycled nylon handles and eco-PVC lashtabs, so you can proudly carry a bag that's both 100% recycled and 100% vegan.

From Bottles to Bags

Step 1: Sourcing

Recycled polyester makes use of PET (polythylene terepthaltate) waste, which is made up of everyday consumer plastics like soda and water. These bottles are collected locally, then sorted, compacted and baled for reuse.

Step 2: Processing & Depolymerization

PET bottles are sorted by color and removed of their labels. They are ground into flakes, which are washed with detergents to remove any contaminants, and then broken down into their base-chemical molecule in a process called "depolymerization".

Step 3: Texturing & Construction

The molten PET polymer is made into chips and spun into a fiber, which passes through a crimping machine to create a wooly texture. At this point, the fiber looks like virgin polyester, and it's ready to be knit or woven into a textile.