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1 product purchased = 1 pound of trash cleaned

A World Without Waste

We’ve always been a little obsessed with trash. We organized our first community cleanup the same week we sold our first t-shirt and have been hauling garbage out of the environment ever since. What started as a few graphic tees and local cleanup events has evolved into an entire line of sustainable clothing and accessories and cleanup operations all over the world – so we’re not letting go of our trash obsession anytime soon. Everything at United By Blue supports our 1-for-1 mission: for every product purchased, we clean a pound of trash.

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Why We Do It

Because, quite frankly, the world already has enough garbage. The overwhelming amount of trash in the environment is polluting our beaches, choking our wildlife, and contaminating our drinking water – and we’re committed to doing something about it. Our hope is that through engaging cleanups, better business practices, and trash-cleaning products we can clean up the planet and the fashion industry one sustainable choice at a time.

A Measurable Impact

Behind the more than 5.3 million pounds of trash we’ve removed so far, there are countless cleanups, volunteers, partners, and initiatives that got us there. We publish an impact report at the end of each year so you can read about how it all went down.

Our Impact Report

Products for a More Sustainable Life

Part of waste reduction is minimizing it at the source. We design made-to-last products on a slow fashion timeline that are produced from sustainably-sourced, low impact materials and in factories that hold some of the highest certifications in social and environmental health.

1 Product = 1 Pound

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Business For Good

At United By Blue, we believe business not only has the ability to be a part of environmental solutions, but also a moral responsibility to address them. This is the motivation behind our B Corp status, a certification we have proudly held since 2011.

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Climate Neutral Certified

Since the start of United By Blue, we’ve always believed that business can (and should) be used for good. After years of proudly operating as a certified B-Corp and living out our one-for-one mission, we’ve decided to take another step toward creating a more sustainable fashion industry by becoming Climate Neutral Certified.