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Just as critical as the materials in our apparel are the hands that created it. We are committed to creating products that have only positive impacts; not just on the end user, and not just on the earth, but on the quality of life of the workers who created it. We accomplish this by partnering with factories that hold the highest standards for facilities and personnel, with the third-party certifications to back it up.


Graphic Knits Factory | Ismir, Turkey

Location: Ismir, Turkey

Established: 1993

About the Factory

Based in the Izmir region of western Turkey, our graphics factory was the first certified organic textile company in Turkey. It has a vertically integrated supply chain, which means that they not only grow the high-quality organic cotton onsite, they also spin the fibers into yarn, treat it, dye it, and knit or weave it into the fabrics we use in our apparel. 




• Registered with HGG

Primary Apparel Factory | Qingdao, China

Location: Qingdao, China

Established: 1999

About the Factory

Our primary apparel factory, which began as a small textile factory in Qingdao, China and is now a global enterprise, predominantly makes hemp and hemp-blended fabrics, making it a prime choice for our wovens. The factory runs on solar power and holds certifications with the Organic Content Standards and the Global Organic Textile Standard. It was also the second ever factory to become a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. 



• Fair Wear

• OCS Standard

Drinkware Factory | Hangzhou, China

Location: Hangzhou, China

Established: 2000

About the Factory

Located in Hangzhou, China, our drinkware factory has been an expert in the business for nearly two decades, providing service from the design phase to the manufacturing process. All materials used are 100% food safe grade and are in compliance with European and US food safe standards. 

BisonShield™ Sock Factory | Osage, Iowa

Location: Osage, Iowa

Established: 1900

About the Factory

Our BisonShield™ sock factory has been a leading US manufacturer of outdoor, lifestyle and performance socks since 1900, so the company has a rich history of innovative sock construction. Socks aside, they've done a lot throughout the years to maintain a low impact on the environment: they’ve found ways to reuse water and air within the mill (saving millions of gallons of water), they’ve instituted energy-efficient lighting, and they’ve recycled more than 400,000 pounds of materials. 

SoftHemp™ Sock Factory | Zhuji City, China

Location: Zhuji City, China

Established: 2010

About the Factory

Located in Zhuji City, our SoftHemp™ factory is a manufacturer and trader that is highly specialized in the research, development and production of socks and textiles. The factory complies with international quality standards for their facilities, their personnel, and their products. 

Outerwear Factory | Hanoi, Vietnam

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Established: 1995

About the Factory

A manufacturer for some of the world’s highest quality outdoor performance gear, our outerwear factory has a wealth of expertise in technical gear and is the perfect partner for our cold-weather apparel.

Bag Factory | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

About the Factory

Located in Vietnam, our primary bag factory transforms recycled polyester into durable, hard-wearing packs that will be around for years. We've stuck with this factory for the expert craftsmanship that shows through in the small details: the indestructible zipper pulls, hidden stitching and perfectly-placed pockets.