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We’ve cleaned up enough plastic from oceans, waterways, and coastlines to know that we have no interest in adding to it. Poly bags, plastic hang tags, and plastic tape all have the potential to end up in the environment – so we quit them. While the world is not set up to allow us to go full cold turkey on plastic just yet, read on to see all the ways we’ve said sayonara to single-use.

Our Commitment

Plastic-Free Packaging

From compostable product packaging, to recycled boxes and mailers certified by the FSC, and even custom paper-based cardboard wrapping for ceramics, we’ve found sustainable solutions for everywhere that plastic was the standard.

Recycled Materials

Whenever we use synthetic or plastic-based fibers (sometimes they just perform better), we sourced recycled materials to responsibly reuse already existing materials and reduce the demand for virgin fossil fuel based products.

Team Reusables

Our office kitchen is fully stocked with reusable drinkware, dishware, and silverware, and our employees receive reusable stainless steel water bottles and utensil kits so lunches can be enjoyed sans disposables.

Anti-Waste Mission

An overwhelming amount of the trash we clean is single-use plastic. Through our company-led cleanups, we work diligently to get plastic out of the environment and responsibly dispose of or recycle it.

Brainwashing Our Friends

From working with our wholesale retailers to reduce plastic packaging in distribution centers, to connecting with our partner brands on plastic-free shipping, and even providing recycling options for plastic that is out of our control, minimizing plastic is key in all of our business relationships.