Made for Life.

At United By Blue, we pride ourselves on making durable and responsibly-made bags – and we want you to enjoy them for as long as possible. Through our Lifetime Guarantee Program, we guarantee our bags and backpacks to have the utmost quality in craftsmanship throughout the life of the product. If any registered United By Blue bag fails in its intended use during its lifetime, we’ll help in the repair process.

What It Covers

Most UBB bags and backpacks are covered under Lifetime Guarantee, with some exceptions for accessory and novelty bags. We’ll repair or replace any damage or defects that arise from failure of workmanship (seams and construction), failure of materials (zippers, buckles, fabrics), or production defects.

Please note: All bags must be registered within 60 days of purchase to be eligible for the Lifetime Guarantee Program. To register your bag, click here.

What’s Not Covered

There are some types of damages that are outside the scope of our Lifetime Guarantee policy. These include: 

- General wear and tear regardless of age

- Improper use of product

- Rips caused by other objects

- Melted material caused by excessive heat

- Damage caused by an airline

- Bison jackets (Have a pre-registered jacket? You can still submit a repair request here.)

Register & Repair

All bags must be registered within 60 days of purchase date to be eligible for Lifetime Guarantee. Once registered, if any problems arise, simply submit a repair request and we’ll take it from there. If your repair request is accepted, we’ll help with a product replacement or reimburse your repair with UBB store credit.

Lifetime Guarantee FAQS

Are any bags not covered under Lifetime Guarantee?

Lifetime Guarantee does not cover novelty items (such as the Cooler Backpack), kits, or small accessory items. Additionally, bags from The Impact Collection for Target are not covered under Lifetime Guarantee.

What does ‘Lifetime’ mean?

In short, it means for life. Your lifetime guarantee will never expire, although certain wear and tear is inevitable and is not covered (see ‘What’s Not Covered’ above).

What is ‘general wear and tear’?

General wear and tear describes the breakdown of materials that occurs naturally over time. Our Lifetime Guarantee does not cover wear and tear from accidents, misuse, improper care, or alterations not approved by UBB.

How do I get the repair process started?

To start a Lifetime Guarantee repair request for your registered bag, please fill out the repair request form here. Once we receive your request, we’ll follow up with next steps for getting your bag repaired or replaced. 

Do I need to register my bag to be eligible for Lifetime Guarantee?

Yes, all bags must be registered within 60 days of purchase to be eligible for repairs and replacements. You can register your bag here. If you need help locating your proof of purchase, feel free to reach out to us at

Can I have my bag repaired at the repair shop of my choice?

Yes! If the damage to your bag is covered under our Lifetime Guarantee, we’re happy to reimburse the cost of repairing at a local shop in United By Blue store credit.

Am I eligible if I live internationally?

Our Lifetime Guarantee policy may vary country to country. Customers should still register their bags and submit a repair request when applicable. If you are an international customer and have submitted a repair request, we’ll be in touch to discuss options available for you.  

Can you send me a replacement part?

If you're in need of a replacement part for your bag, please fill out a repair request form or contact our customer service team at We're happy to see if the part you're looking for is available to us!

What if my bag seems less water resistant than when I bought it?

Our (R)evolution™ bags are manufactured with a DWR coating to repel water and decrease dry times. Although the shell of our bags is inherently designed to keep water from reaching their interior, their DWR coating will naturally wear away over time. This is not considered a manufacturing issue as it is a normal process in the lifetime of the product. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team at so we can recommend a way to restore the finish.

Are Bison jackets no longer covered under Lifetime Guarantee?

Moving forward, Bison jackets are no longer covered under Lifetime Guarantee. However, if you have a previously registered jacket or purchased a jacket with a tag that indicates it is covered under Lifetime Guarantee, you are still eligible to submit a repair request here