What is the Common Sense Guarantee?

At United by Blue, we stand behind our responsibly sourced and durably made goods. We also believe in the use of common sense. This is why we have created the Common Sense Guarantee. If an item suffers from a manufacturing defect, we have you covered. If it is damaged from wear and tear or misuse, that doesn't fall under this guarantee.

So, you might be wondering, how do you know if it is from wear and tear or a manufacturing defect? This is where the common sense comes into play.

What It Covers

A manufacturing defect any damage or defects that arise from failure of workmanship (seams and construction), failure of materials (zippers, buckles, fabrics), or production defects. 


  • Bags: The zipper on your bag rips in the first few months
  • Ceramics: A mug whose handle breaks off on first use 
  • Socks: A sock starts to unravel after only wearing it a few times

If your item suffers from a defect, we promise to replace or refund it when a replacement is not available.

What’s Not Covered

Wear and tear are NOT manufacturing defects and should be obvious by using common sense.


  • A 7-year-old backpack that has traveled the world multiple times over and the strap has come loose
  • A pair of socks that have a hole because your dog chewed when you were out traveling the world with your 7-year-old backpack
  • A button comes off your favorite shirt after you wore it to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with your favorite 7-year-old backpack

Not Sure If It's Covered

If you have a circumstance that falls outside of these examples or if you are wondering if your item is covered under the Common Sense Guarantee, please reach out to us at blue@unitedbyblue.com.
Our team will be happy to help you!